Wednesday, May 15, 2019


I've heard many people complain that President Trump held an Iftar dinner at the White House for Ramadan and that he shouldn't have. Here's my point of view on that, if anyone is interested. I'd love to have a discussion about this and hear all sides.
For the second year in a row, President Trump invited Foreign Ambassadors and Diplomats who work with Muslim-Majority countries on behalf of America to an Iftar dinner at the White House. He thanked them for their service and their support of America. He did not invite CAIR, or the terrorist groups the Muslim Brotherhood or Hamas, or any of the other American "Islamic" institutions. In fact, CAIR, and their mouthpieces like Ellison, Omar and Tlaib, were upset they did not receive an invitation!
How effective of a President, or a person, do you think he'd be if he told every one of the 1.7 billion Muslims in the world that he thought they were all terrorists and hated them all?
Is that what people want? I believe when we take that position - we look like the radical extremists ourselves. It's ridiculous. I get the Koran argument. I've read it but most people have not. Most Muslims in the 3rd world can't even read! They are being coached.
I believe anti-Semitism is a HUGE growing threat due to open borders, infiltration and radicalization. But, historically, the Jewish people have been persecuted by EVERYBODY - including Christians - not just Muslims. We can't ignore that truth. And every group has persecuted and conquered every other group since the beginning of time. Anyone who has truly studied history knows that for a fact. The problem is - America's schools DON'T TEACH THE TRUTH.
The modern day Islamic extremist movement is a real threat to US ALL that has been ignored and enabled by the past three administrations. The radicalization is a real threat that the media is paid to cover up. Why? Because the GOP wants cheap refugee labor and the DNC wants votes.
But, kids are not born terrorists. They are not forming these opinions on their own - they are being led by EVIL PEOPLE WHO HAVE INFILTRATED OUR COUNTRY. We need to change the leadership. Hitler was an evil German - not all Germans were evil. The KKK were evil Democrats and Christians. Not all Democrats and Christians are evil.
I believe people need to spend their time educating their neighbor on the radical extremists who are a threat to us all -- and keeping the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR out of America and out of office. Right now, in Minnesota, we have a growing threat from the most extreme sect of Islam - Salafi. Why is no one talking about that?
Every group has an extremist element whose goal is to destroy us all. I believe President Trump is well aware of the threat and proceeding the best way he knows how to protect America. And he knows it's NOT by calling all 1.7 billion Muslims in the world terrorists.
Also, some of the people I admire most converted from Islam to Christianity. Like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Shahram Hadian, Ramin Parsa and Nabeel Qureshi.
As Ayaan Hirsi Ali says: "There is ONE Islam, unreformed, but three sets of Muslims: Medina, Mecca, and reformers. The first group are the extremists and fundamentalists, the second the great mass of Muslims who just want to live their lives in peace, and the third are reformers."
"There is no conspiracy. The Medina will kill you if you leave Islam. These are the people who want me dead. Right now, the Medina have the upper hand. By Medina I don’t just mean the renegades—Islamic State, al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab, non-state actors and movements—but large groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and more importantly, the nation-states of Qatar, Turkey & Iran. They are the core centers of Sharia Law. Their rule is marked by violence, intimidation and aggression."
The people who converted from Islam to Christianity didn't do that on their own. Somebody helped them. Somebody educated them and cared enough about them to share God's word and share the joy of LIVING FREE in America. That's something we all can do.

If you think my point of view has merit, please share it with your family, friends and congregation. We can all make a difference.

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