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LEBRON JAMES: “When I first went to the ninth grade into high school, I was on some, like, I’m not f**kin’ with white people. Cause I was so institutionalized growing up in the hood. They told us in the hood: "White people don't want us to succeed."
"So I’m like, I’m going to this school to play ball and that’s it. I don’t want nothing to do with white people, and I don’t believe they want nothing to do with me. It’s me and my boys, and we’re going to high school together and we’re here to hoop. I don't want no friends. It took me a while to adjust to it."
Maverick Carter, James’ best friend and longtime business partner, said in the end, it didn’t matter because everyone, white and black, ended up becoming best friends anyway. LeBron added that his white classmates were responsible for teaching him what a pantry was.
I guess LeBron forgot all that now that he and Kaepernick are both stumping for the Communists and the Brotherhood.

LeBron James. A filthy mouthed player, who openly hates white people and Christians and makes a fortune off maligning them both. I actually have family members who ADMIRE THE RACIST AND HEDONIST LEBRON JAMES. SICK.

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A female Somali worker, who doesn't speak English, was fired because she said she was too weak to work after fasting for 18 days during Ramadan. A new "Somali union" was organized by a former aide to Democrat Mayor Betsy Hodges to help the 100,000 Somali workers in the Twin Cities demand respect, reduced hours, reduced work load, more promotions and more religious accommodation. Here's more:
NEW YORK AMSTERDAM NEWS: Somali women packers for the giant Amazon distribution center in Minneapolis are fired up and refusing to speed up the production line, becoming the first known group to defy Amazon management and bring them to the bargaining table.
“Nobody would assume a Muslim worker with limited language skills in the middle of Minnesota could be a leader in a viable fight against one of the biggest employers in the world and bring them to the table,” said Abdirahman Muse, executive director of aWood, the Somali word for “power.”
But when a worker lost her job, unable to meet demands to pack more and faster when she had just finished 18 days of fasting over Ramadan, her frustration was shared throughout the plant. BTW, fasting means they can still eat from sunset to sunrise.
“The new managers are like military—they don’t give you respect,” said Amazon worker Sofia Ahmed Ibrahim, who once worked for the U.S. and U.N. aid groups before fleeing from Somalia to a refugee camp in Ethiopia.
Hibachi Mohamed said Amazon let her take paid breaks to pray, as required by state law, but her managers made her keep up with the quota, like everybody else.
Sixty percent of Amazon’s 3,000 workers in the region are East African, aWood estimates, but only one manager speaks Somali. Amazon disputes that number, saying there are a lot fewer East Africans, and four area managers who speak Somali.
Amazon has now agreed to require a general manager and a Somali-speaking manager to agree on any firings related to productivity, to respond to individual complaints within five days and meet with workers quarterly, according to The New York Times.
But a group of approximately 40 workers say that isn’t enough. Their main concern—the pace at which they are expected to work, from 160 items an hour to 230, wasn’t addressed. They voted to stage a large protest and walkout Dec. 14, in the middle of the holiday season.
“We are not asking them to cater to East African workers,” said Muse. “We are just asking them to treat workers humanely.”
A petition to Amazon to restore Sofia Barrow’s job can be found on
Who is helping the Somali workers organize against Amazon? A former aide to Democrat Mayor Betsy Hodges. He started a firm called Awood.
MINNESOTA: Did you know that the person who is organizing the Somali workers against Amazon is a man named Abdirahman Muse, who used to work for Mayor Betsy Hodges? Yes, he started a "NON-PROFIT UNION" to help Minnesota's Somali workers take on employers called the Awood Center. Wood means POWER in Somali.
Awood Center is a nonprofit housed inside the Bethany Lutheran Church in Minneapolis and was founded last year in response to the growing number of Somali concerns in Minnesota from the 100,000 Somali & East African workers in the Twin Cities.
Among those issues, said Awood Center Executive Director Abdirahman Muse, are disrespect, wage theft, wrongful terminations and harsh work conditions. Last month, Awood targeted Amazon after receiving a number of complaints from East African workers at the company’s Eagan warehouse and Shakopee warehouses. Here's an interview Mr. Muse had with the MinnPost:
MinnPost: Before we start talking about Awood Center, tell me a little bit more about you. I know you worked for former Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges.
Abdirahman Muse: Yes, I worked for the mayor for four years as a senior policy aide. One of the things I focused on was labor relations. I dealt with a lot of work-related issues; I maintained relationships with union organizations and addressed their issues at the Mayor’s Office.
Before that, I was an organizer with SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. I worked on many important projects with other organizers at SEIU. I was one of five organizers that helped pass a bill that unionized home care workers in Minnesota. Because of that campaign, we managed to help more than 25,000 home care workers to form a union and to have workplace rights and to collectively bargain with the state so they can improve their working conditions.
MP: Now you’re leading Awood Center. What is it in a nutshell?
AM: Awood Center is a place for the East African workers to learn about their rights at work. It empowers them and advocates on their behalf.
CTUL [Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha/Center of Workers United in Struggle] is the only other another organization in the Twin Cities that is close to the work Awood Center does. But CTUL mostly focuses on the Latino community. So, we’re the CTUL version of East Africans.
MP: There are so many nonprofit organizations serving immigrants and refugees in Minnesota. How is Awood Center any different?
AM: When people think about East Africans, they think of them just as immigrants and refugees. But they are also workers. In fact, the majority of the community are participating in the workforce. Many of them work in low-wage industries as assembly line workers, cleaners, cashiers and drivers.
Many of them come to us and tell us that they face many work-related issues. They complain about lack of respect at the workplace, hidden discrimination and lack of promotion. Some people come to us and say, “Hey, we’re East-Africa-majority workers at this company; we’ve been there for a long time, but none of us has been promoted to a managerial position.”
But they never had a place that specifically addresses work-related issues. So we realized that there is a huge need for this center. People need to know where to go and how to fight back when they’re mistreated or face discrimination in the workplace.
MP: What exactly does the organization do for these workers?
AM: We’re not a union; we educate workers about their rights as employees. For example, when they reach to us, we assess their situation. Then we decide the best approach to help them fight back. That can be through a legal process. It can be workers organizing. It can be an advocacy work.
We deal with different industries. Now, we’re dealing with Amazon, where we see many folks who are working in warehouses. In many cases, they make up the largest number of the employees.
They have been complaining about difficult working conditions at Amazon. They’ve been pressured to produce a lot beyond their human capacity. So we’ve been working with them to make sure that they have a voice.
We did that by organizing them and raising awareness about the poor working environment they’re in. In May, we helped them organize a protest in Eagan to fight back to ensure they are respected and are treated fairly.
Also, just last week, Uber drivers reached out to us about work-related issues. They feel like they’ve been discriminated against. So we’re working with them right now to see what we can do to help.
MP: So most of the clients at Awood Center are immigrants and refugees with language barriers?
AM: Most of them are new immigrants. In this hostile debate about immigration, many of them are hesitant to speak up and to talk about the discrimination they face — even when they realize they’ve been discriminated against.
But when they come to us, we educate them about the fact that they have — as human beings, as citizens, as workers — rights in this country.
MP: How many staffers does your organization have?
AM: We now have four staff members, but we’re hoping to expand in the coming years. The need for our service is so huge. There are about 100,000 East African people in the Twin Cities, and most of them are workers. Right now, we’re the only voice they have and we try to fill that gap.






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PETER THIEL: "American society teaches young people that their "salvation" comes from college. If you get a college diploma, you will be saved. If you don’t get one, you will end up in a very bad place."
"We need a reformation. I’ve often described the universities as the atheist church. It’s not going to reform itself from within. The reformation will come from without. Now that college degrees have become the standard, more debt-carrying students find themselves without fruitful employment even once they have their diploma."
“Universities are not working the way they used to. We have an education bubble in this country. There is no single thing in this country where the costs have gone up more than they have gone up in education for the last 40 or 50 years. With technology, you do more with less. With education, we are doing less and less but spending more and more every year.”
Not only that, but the "scripture" preached at college today includes narratives on social justice, anti-God, white supremacy, racism, gender identity, sexuality, climate change and socialist economic theory that must be BELIEVED IN ORDER TO BE SAVED.

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There was a King Fasal in Saudi Arabia who had a son, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. King Fasal took ill and named his brother Salman as King in his place. King Salman named his son, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, as heir to the throne, instead of his brother’s son Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.
Alwaleed is a Wahabbi. A member of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood political Party. Salman is Sunni. Wahabbi is extreme Islam. Salman wanted a more modern, non-extreme Islam for Saudi Arabia. That’s why he named his own son, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman as heir. So far, Salman has made many changes in Saudi Arabia to make it more Westernized, more open and free and to give women greater rights. It infuriates Alwaleed.
Who was Jamal Khashoggi - the man bin Salman supposedly killed? Khashoggi was Muslim Brotherhood - a Wahabbi. He is a friend of Prince Alwaleed and Osama bin Laden - the terrorists who funded and planned 9/11. The terrorists whose goal is to overthrow the world and install Wahabbi.
Why doesn't the American media tell us the truth about what's going on with ISIS, and particularly, with the extremist Muslim Brotherhood in America and the Middle East? Because Prince Alwaleed and his trillionaire Muslim Brotherhood cronies own significant shares in American media - including Twitter, Facebook, Fox News and CNN/Time Warner. They tell the media what they can and cannot say. Bought and paid for fake news. PERIOD.
Prince Alwaleed and his Muslim Brotherhood cronies are trying to overthrow and take back the Saudi Crown from Prince Salman. Why? Because Alaweed believes it is rightfully his and he doesn't want the Saudis to moderate and reform. He wants to control the Saudi oil and cut ties with America and Israel.
Prince Alaweed is also trying to take over the United States and install his radical totalitarian form of Islam as well. How? Through CAIR, their front organization, and infiltration into America's Government, churches, schools, media, labor force, and Hollywood. The Interfaith network is one of their schemes. They build mosques and radicalize youth.
Prince Alwaleed hates Trump. and said Trump WOULD NEVER GET ELECTED. Trump calls Alwaleed a spoiled brat who uses his daddy's money to control nations. Prince Alwaleed funds much of the resistance against Trump. For example, Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels' lawyer, is on his payroll. Prince Alwaleed also funds the Muslim Brotherhood candidates who are running for office in America. Like Ilhan Omar, Keith Ellison and Rashid Tlaib.
The Muslim Brotherhood Party is literally like the KKK or the NAZI party. They will not rest until they conquer and control the entire world - including the United States. So, not only does Trump have the RINOs in the R party and the Democrats, the media and the Communists against him - he has the full force of the Muslim Brotherhood against him and their trillions in oil wealth.
Get it? This is important stuff. Read it over and over again until you understand what's going on. The Muslim Brotherhood Party's goal is not to live together in peace and harmony. Their goal is to require Christians and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists to submit to Allah - to make all the world Muslim - by any means necessary. This is why I believe God put Trump in office to save America from Satan and itself. Now you know the rest of the story. Pass it on. Share this truth with a liberal friend and save a life.

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Here's what creepy porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti said about Twitter's ban of Jewish journalist Laura Loomer for protesting female genital mutilation:
"Bravo for banning Laura Loomer, who trades in hatred, bigotry and conspiracy theories that target innocent people. People like her should not be enabled by Twitter."
Did you know that CAIR in the United States is the Muslim Brotherhood Party with a fancy new name? Did you know that Twitter is part-owned by the extremist Muslim Brotherhood rogue Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal? 
The same rogue Saudi prince who hates Trump and Trump said was trying to destroy America with his daddy's money? The same rogue Saudi prince who is trying to overthrow Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in Saudi Arabia to control their oil and install the most extreme form of political Islam? The same rogue Saudi prince who helped facilitate the massacres in Las Vegas and 9/11 with the help of Jamal Khashoggi? The same rogue Saudi Prince who wants to take over America and install a totalitarian Sharia regime?
Did you also know that Michael Avenatti is funded by the same rogue Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal? That's where his money comes from. I can prove it. From the Muslim Brotherhood. It's all tied together.
Did you know that Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison are funded by CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood? Therefore, they are funded by rogue Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal and his cronies. That's why anyone who speaks out against them on Twitter is IMMEDIATELY SHUT DOWN.
So, every time Twitter bans a Jewish journalist like Laura Loomer or Milo, it's because the Muslim Brotherhood extremists that own Twitter tell it to.
That's why the Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan still has a Twitter account even though he regularly calls for the extermination of Jews and whites. That's why Antifa still has Twitter accounts even though they incite violence against Jews and whites. That's why Ilhan Omar still has a Twitter account even though she protects those who perform FGM, tweets anti-Israel statements and supports the BDS movement which says Israel has no right to exist.
Meanwhile, good people like Laura Loomer and Milo get shut down for no other reason than protecting Jews from harm. Now you know the rest of the story. Pass it on.


Last week, a 27 year old US Christian missionary went to a remote part of India to carry the message of Jesus. The Sentinelese tribesmen, a primitive group of 12 natives cut off from the world, shot him dead with a bow and arrow.
What did the fake news media say? The man DESERVED to die because he was trespassing on their land and should not be allowed there. Kind of an odd 180 from "let them all in" and migration is a "human right" isn't it?
The same media that says the caravan of "alien invaders" should be allowed to storm our shores says a young Christian missionary deserved to die because he "invaded" a remote Indian island to spread the gospel. The island is a "protected" area. Excuse me? America is a "protected" area, as well. The hypocrisy SICKENS ME.
"We refuse to call him a tourist. Yes, he came on a tourist visa, but he came with a specific purpose to preach on a prohibited island," they said to justify his death.
Did you know that the Indians slaughtered 371 Pilgrims when they first arrived in America? The history books don't tell you that. The Indians attacked first. Not the Europeans. In school, they teach our children that the Pilgrims were white supremacists intent on exterminating every person of color in America. Not true. In fact, the early settlers and the Indians ended up working together quite nicely in a symbiotic relationship that actually SAVED Indian lives.
Did you know that 90% of the Indians in the Americas didn't die from conquest or war? They died from disease, like smallpox, measles, influenza and typhus, brought over by Europeans, Africans and Asians.
This Thanksgiving, teach your children the truth about America that our educators do not. Stop spreading the lie.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


In India's Hindu society, a discriminatory caste system has been deeply entrenched in the country for centuries, with Brahmins at the top of the social hierarchy and Dalits at the bottom. This is one reason why India is called the most racist country in the world by the Washington Post.
People in the Dalit caste are referred to as the "untouchables," and face rampant poverty, abuse and violence from those considered above them. In the Hindu religion, these people have no 'hope' of ever improving their position in society. They are the irredeemables in Hindu society. They are told that God has forsaken them. I kid you not.
The Dalit community has been subjected to rising levels of discriminatory violence over the past several years. In October, in the state of Tamil Nadu, an upper-caste man beheaded a 14-year-old Dalit girl in front of her mother and was jailed for a caste-based hate crime.
That Hindu caste-based discrimination and harassment also plays out online, frequently on Twitter. After activists had a meeting with Twitter executives to show the abuse, here's their statement:
“Recently Twitter hosted a closed door discussion with a group of women journalists and change makers from India who have actively used Twitter to better understand their experience on the platform. The purpose of the discussion was to get feedback on how our recent policy and product changes in the areas of safety were impacting users in India. It was not in support of any specific external campaigns or causes.
After the meeting, some of the participants shared gifts with Jack and Vijaya and photos were taken. The picture was taken at this moment in time, with Jack holding a gift he had just received (the poster).
The sentiments expressed on the poster do not reflect the views of Twitter as a company or Jack as the CEO, and we regret that this picture has detracted from an otherwise insightful trip to India.
We are proud of the fact that Twitter is a platform where marginalized voices can be seen and heard, but we also have a public commitment to being apolitical. We realize that this photo may not accurately represent that commitment and we apologize for any offense caused.”
Less than 24 hours after the meeting, Twitter sent an email to all seven attendees that said that the company does, currently, prohibit abuse based on caste, even though it’s not specifically called out in the company’s hateful conduct policy.
A Twitter spokesperson confirmed that the company had sent out the email, and clarified that abusing people on the basis of caste would be a type of intra-religious distinction and would fall under the company’s hateful conduct policies that prohibit the targeting of people based on their membership of a religious group. “However, based on the useful feedback Vijaya received on this trip, she is going to discuss with the team whether this should be called out more explicitly,” said the spokesperson.

Thursday, November 1, 2018


Two Muslim women were found dead, wearing black leggings and fur-trimmed jackets, facing each other and bound together at their feet and waists by duct tape, drowned in the Hudson River. They were not wearing Hijabs.
The authorities say their death is a mystery! Yeah, another mystery, just like the two dead Somali women just found drowned in Minnesota who were plotting to run away. Where the HELL is Linda Sarsour and the phony MeToo crowd when you really need them to protect women?
Rotana Farea, 22, and Tala Farea, 16, were Saudi citizens but had come to Virginia with their mother in 2015.
The sisters had run away before, at least twice, and had recently sought political asylum in the U.S. Police in New York said the mother, whom they did not identify, also reported her daughters missing last year. When the local police located the sisters, they asked for protection and were placed in a shelter, the police said.
Rotana Farea had been living in New York, while her mother and younger sister remained in Virginia. The mother had reported Tala missing two months ago, but then called off the search when she discovered the girl has run off to stay with her older sister.
Earlier this year, Rotana Farea was living in a fifth-floor apartment in a luxury complex on the edge of an outdoor mall in Fairfax Corner, Va., a suburban neighborhood about a 30-minute drive from Washington, a leasing agent there said. Ms. Farea moved out in July.
In late August, Tala Farea was again reported missing to the Fairfax County authorities, who distributed a missing-person poster online. The poster said she might be with her sister Rotana. In October, someone again reported the sisters missing in Virginia, the police in New York said. The sisters were in contact with their mother until about a week ago. Police say the mother told them her daughters were traveling with their brother in Washington, D.C.
Hmm. Whatever do you think happened, folks? Did their brother fly over to "handle" the situation? This is what happens when Muslim women dare to leave the faith and shame the family. They are killed. WAKE UP AMERICA.

What birthright citizenship for illegals really means for America.

What continuing to allow birthright citizenship for illegals really means for the future of America. By the numbers.
A new study shows that one in 4 of children living in the United States, 20 million, in 2016, had at least one parent who was born OUTSIDE the United States. 25% of those children live in California. Another 25% live in New York, Texas and Florida. So HALF the children in the US born to parents who came here from other countries live in California, Texas, New York and Florida.
Roughly 10 million children, living in California, New York, Texas and Florida, were born to at least one parent who was not born in America. 89 percent of these children are now citizens of the U.S. itself. One third of those children are covered under either Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
Most of those illegal families receive some other kind of welfare assistance through their children - including housing, food stamps, daycare and cash assistance. American taxpayers subsidize the families of babies born to illegal aliens to the tune of roughly $300 billion a year. Every dollar spent on an illegal alien is a dollar not available to American citizens and legal immigrants living in poverty or in need.
In 2016, American women aborted 700,000 fetuses - cheered on by Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, illegals gave birth to 300,000 babies - for free in American hospital emergency rooms and "birthing centers." The Democrats want the taxpayer to fund both. What a sweet deal. Get Republican taxpayers to pay for the replacement population that will vote Democrat against them.
Women from Communist China pay "birth tourism" operators from $40,000 to $80,000 to come to the US to deliver their made-in-America babies. Birth tourism is a huge industry in New York and California to breed future Democrat voters through tourist visa fraud and chain migration. Pregnant women travel to the United States, usually on tourist visas, so that their children will be born US citizens. At least 500 companies offer "birth tourism" services in China. While there are no official statistics, the number of Communist Chinese citizens heading to the USA to give birth is over 100,000 each year.
80% of girls and women who are smuggled across the U.S. border by human traffickers and drug cartels are raped on the way here. Many give birth to anchor babies. An entire generation of children fathered by criminals and gangsters.
Is this the America we hope to become?

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Mark Levin always skewers Robert Mueller, and the Republicans in Congress, for protecting him. I decided to dig a little into Mueller's past to find out just how corrupt he was. Turns out, VERY.
Levin: "Everyone says Mueller is beyond reproach. Well, look at his handling in the anthrax case post-9/11. Look at the case when he was in Boston as it relates to Whitey Bulger. Four innocent people went to jail, a $100,000 plus settlement. Two of those guys, two of the four died in jail. And then you got this guy Andrew Weissmann the New York Time calls the Mueller's pit bull. OK. That's a guy that as a result of his actions twice was excoriated by judges for withholding exculpatory evidence. Tens of thousands of jobs were lost for no reason at all. Overturned 9, zero in the Supreme Court. And a guy that sent four Maryland executives to jail, four for a year, and that was overturned by the fifth circuit.
Why are the Democrats so keen on Mueller? Why are the media so keen on him? Why are the swamp Republicans protecting him? There is a lot of leaks coming out of that operation, too. Among them to the Washington Post the other day. Let's be clear about something. The media treats this guy like he is a judge. He's not a judge. He's a rogue prosecutor. And there are two sides to every argument. That's number one. Number two, he is going to put out a report accusing the president of the United States of obstruction of justice? When, in fact, that means that the president of the United States will be accused of obstruction of justice for impeachment purposes?"
Andrew Weissman, described by the New York Times as Mueller’s ‘pit bull,’ was Mueller’s legal advisor for national security in 2005 and later was selected by Mueller to be his General Counsel at the FBI.
When Robert Mueller left his $3.4 million a year job at the top D.C. law firm WilmerHale, where Manafort and Ivanka Trump were clients, he brought Andrew Weissmann with him to the Special Counsel team to investigate President Trump. Together, Mueller and Weissman have been behind the biggest scandals and blunders at the FBI.
Weissmann was a specialist in tracking financing and corruption and was once the head of the Department of Justice’s criminal fraud section. Mueller saw nobody better than Weissmann for doing whatever it took to win a case.
Mueller was also aware of Weissmann’s handling of the Enron and Arthur Anderson cases, as well as his involvement in the Eastern District of New York’s case against the Colombo crime family. Weissmann’s involvement in the Colombo case in the 1990s was the first of many cases that would draw criticism from his peers but this case, in particular, would be one of the FBI’s biggest blunders.
Judge Charles P. Sifton reprimanded Weissmann for withholding evidence from the defense, as previously reported. Weissmann allowed a corrupt FBI agent to testify against the defendants in the case despite having knowledge that the agent was under investigation. The agent had a nefarious relationship with a reputed underboss of the Colombo crime family, who was accused later of numerous murders.
Mueller had similar troubles during the 1980s in Boston when he was Acting U.S. Attorney from 1986 through 1987. Under Mueller’s watch in Boston, another one of the FBI’s most scandalous cases occurred. At the time, an FBI agent by the name of John Connolly, who is now in prison for murder-related charges, had been the handler for James ‘Whitey’ Bulger. Bulger, who Connolly aided in escaping FBI custody in the 90s, was a notorious mobster and murderer who had been working as a confidential informant for the FBI against other crime syndicates in the Boston area. Mueller, who oversaw the FBI during his time there, was criticized by the media and congressional members for how the situation in Boston was handled. Bulger, who committed numerous murders during his time as an informant, disappeared for more than 16 years until he was finally captured in California in 2011; by that time Mueller was director of the FBI.
Many have suggested Mueller never should have been FBI Director, a position in which he then hired Weissmann to be his counsel – and, of course, Weissman presided over the No. 1 most corrupt relationship between an FBI agent and his informant. The defendants in the Colombo related cases were acquitted after it was discovered that Weissmann and his team had withheld evidence. There were 16 defendants in front of 48 different jurors and 4 different judges. Three others had their convictions overturned. Two men convicted without the evidence having been revealed remain in prison, serving life sentences.
At one trial, Weissmann and his co-counsel expressly vouched for the integrity of the corrupt agent, concealing the corruption, and arguing to the jury that if they had any reason to believe the agent lied about anything they should acquit the defendant.
But Mueller and Weissmann’s past isn’t part of the public discussion. Why not? The special counsel investigation has enjoyed, overall, bipartisan support from senior lawmakers. Recently, however, the tide may be shifting and Rudy Guiliani has been brought in to help bring it to a close.


13 days ago, the media received an email "tip" about Mueller. Then, Whitey Bulger, Mueller's FBI informant was murdered in a West Virginia prison after he was moved for no reason. Today, an attorney outs Mueller for sexual assault and says he will announce details on November 1st. Now Robert Mueller is telling us he has referred the matter 2 the FBI & media says he was framed. CYA. This sounds like the Republican's October surprise. More shall be revealed.


If you wonder what that means and what the truth is behind anchor babies, birth tourism, automatic birthright citizenship and the 14th amendment, I put together a little primer. It's long but worth the read.
Birth tourism is travel to another country for the purpose of giving birth to an "anchor baby" in that country. The main reason is to obtain citizenship for the child in a country with birthright citizenship (jus soli) and to enjoy access to free public schooling, healthcare, welfare and sponsorship for the parents in the future. Popular destinations include the United States and Canada.
No European country presently grants UNCONDITIONAL birthright citizenship; however, most countries in the Americas, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil do so.
To discourage birth tourism, Australia, France, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom grant citizenship by birth ONLY if at least one parent is a citizen of the country or a legal permanent resident who has lived in the country for several years. Germany softened its citizenship requirement and doesn't require one parent be a citizen anymore. Thus, the reason they have such a large incoming migration.
A new study shows that one in 4 of children living in the United States, 20 million, in 2016, had at least one parent who was born OUTSIDE the United States. 25% of those children live in California. Another 25% live in New York, Texas and Florida. So HALF the children in the US born to parents who came here from other countries live in California, Texas, New York and Florida.
Women from Communist China pay "birth tourism" operators from $40,000 to $80,000 to come to the US to deliver their made-in-America babies. Birth tourism is a huge industry in New York and California to breed future Democrat voters through tourist visa fraud and chain migration. Pregnant women travel to the United States, usually on tourist visas, so that their children will be born US citizens. At least 500 companies offer "birth tourism" services in China. While there are no official statistics, the number of Communist Chinese citizens heading to the USA to give birth is over 100,000 each year.
So roughly 10 million children, living in California, New York, Texas and Florida, were born to at least one parent who was not born in America. 89 percent of these children are now citizens of the U.S. itself. One third of those children are covered under either Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Most of those families receive some other kind of welfare assistance through their children including housing, foodstamps, and cash.
Should all anchor babies, or babies born in America to illegal aliens, automatically become American citizens due to the U.S. Constitution? It looks like NO. We've been conned for decades by FAKE NEWS on the meaning of the 14th Amendment. President Trump has said that the line "subject to their jurisdiction" in the 14th Amendment means that babies born to ILLEGALS in the United States are NOT automatically citizens of the United States.
The 14th Amendment was written in 1868 to grant citizenship to former slaves who had just been freed after the Civil War, not to naturalize all foreign-born people who come to America just to give birth so, through chain migration, they could bring entire families here. Each year, over 200,000 babies are born and naturalized in America through "birth tourism" - an organized operation to subvert US law. That doesn't include the hundreds of thousands born to illegal aliens, in our emergency rooms, free of charge.
"Every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons. It settles the great question of citizenship and removes all doubt as to what persons are or are not citizens of the United States. This has long been a great desideratum in the jurisprudence and legislation of this country."
"The phrase "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" was intended to exclude American-born persons from automatic citizenship whose allegiance to the United States was NOT complete. With illegal aliens who are unlawfully in the United States, their native country has a claim of allegiance on the child. Thus, the completeness of their allegiance to the United States is impaired, which therefore precludes automatic citizenship."
Has the media has sold us a bill of goods on "anchor babies" for decades since LBJ killed JFK's merit-based immigration plan and replaced it with chain migration to ensure new Democrat voters? Yes. Time to change that.
IMHO, when it comes to the current situation, it's not OK to kick out kids who have lived here their entire lives - gotten a high school degree - haven't committed crimes and are doing the deal. Those 1.8 million deserve a chance. The rest, NO. Get in line like everybody else.
Then shut down chain migration, build the wall, kill the lottery, limit asylum, and shut down sanctuary cities. From now on we only deal in merit. Like we used to. Also, get the 14th amendment before the Supreme Court and outlaw automatic citizenship for the birthing industry. Stop illegal aliens, who sneak into America to give birth in our hospitals for FREE so their kids can become citizens, from abusing our country. NO MORE.

Monday, October 29, 2018

University of Minnesota student attacked by "group of 8 to 10 people."

Minneapolis police say a University of Minnesota student was "assaulted by a large group of 8-10 people" at 2am Sunday morning near Ferguson Hall. Ferguson Hall is near Cedar Riverside.
They won't ID or describe the attackers. Just like Valleyfair. They are calling them "groups of people." That's helpful, isn't it?
Police say the student was assaulted by a group of 8 to 10 people, and two were on bikes. They pushed and assaulted the student, stealing the student’s backpack and damaging their phone.
Police are asking the public's help in finding the criminals. How are we supposed to catch criminals if the police and the media won't describe them and we aren't allowed to ask questions without being called racists and bigots? Have you ever heard of anything more ridiculous, self-defeating or dangerous?

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Minnesota, this is our future. No diversity. No multi-culturalism. Just Islam.

Minnesota, if you want to see what our future looks like, let's look at the Daily Mail's report on a small town in England.
Today, in Savile Town, England, 99%, or 3,985 out of the 4,033 people living there are Muslims from Pakistan or Indian. There is no diversity left. There is no multi-culturalism. There is only Islam and Sharia Law.
This is already happening in America. For example, at the Cedar Riverside public housing complex in Minneapolis, 98% of the residents practice the same religion and culture. There is no diversity left at all. NONE.
Many migrants came to Savile Town to work in the woolen mills. After a while they opened their own shops for Islamic food, garments and prayer mats. Soon pubs were closed and other Western grocery shops had to close as well. In the meantime, a huge Mosque was built for around 4,000 worshippers.
“Many Muslim women who live here, speak little or no English. The wives have restricted lives: bringing up children, cooking for families, or going to women-only events at the huge local mosque. Many were brought to the UK to wed the British men of south Asian heritage who have made this area their home. Even the lady who sells ice cream in summer wears a burka in Savile Town and young girls are forced to wear Islamic garments, as well."
“Distressingly, every girl I saw — even those of six and seven playing in the park — was wrapped up in a hijab and shoulder-to-toe-gown lest a man glimpse her flesh."
This is what CAIR, Ilhan Omar, Abdi Warsame and Keith Ellison want for Minnesota. Hurling us back to the 3rd world where women are trapped like animals. Think I'm kidding? I wish I were. VOTE RED MINNESOTA. OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Does Democrats' October Surprise Include An Aylan Kurdi? I Pray Not.

With 10,000 Hondurans approaching our Southern border, the Democrats' October surprise just in time for mid-terms, let us pray that America doesn't have an Aylan Kurdi moment. Let's hope the Democrats don't sacrifice a child for the cameras to open the borders wide, like Europe did. 
Aylan was the three year old Syrian boy whose body was photographed, on a Turkish beach, after he drowned supposedly trying to make it to Europe with his family in 2015.
The whole of Europe reacted with horror and guilt. Angela Merkel used the emotional moment as an excuse to significantly increase Islamic migration into Germany and Sweden. Facts did not matter. Emotion, combined with guilt, opened the borders wide, and triggered the flow of millions of migrants, mostly young men, into Europe (versus the "families" narrative we saw on TV.)
The facts behind that picture were quite different. The Syrian boy's father was not an asylum seeker. He was gainfully employed in Turkey and had no reason to leave. They had lived there 3 years, had $5,000 in savings and lived in an apartment paid for by a sister in Canada.
They obviously did not get very far because the boy was photographed on a Turkish beach. Critics believe the photograph was staged. The father declared he saw his family drown in front of his eyes and then later stated he looked for them lost on the beach. His story had many holes. But the photo changed Europe forever. Europe is doomed. It will never recover.
Never underestimate the power of a single horrific event, doctored narrative or frothy emotional appeal to change the world forever. Never underestimate what one unhinged party will do to regain power. Never underestimate evil. Pray.

Conservative to Communist - in Four Years

A liberal University of Washington teacher's aide, Rebecca Ferber, saw three conservative students eating lunch together, and discussing politics, so she sat next to them and secretly taped their conversation. Then she posted their faces on Twitter, mocked them and told students she was going to "throw water bottles" at them.
Again, these are the clowns teaching your children on liberal campuses. This is why many enter college as conservative and emerge as Communists. The peer pressure is too much for most.

Polio is Back in America

The 7th case of "it's not polio" was just confirmed in Minnesota. Polio is still endemic in Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan. Children under 5, who are not yet fully vaccinated, can easily succumb to the virus brought here from other countries. Polio 2.0. Coming to America. 

The CDC has confirmed at least 362 cases, in 22 U.S. states, of what they are calling a "polio-like" illness that paralyzes children. It's dubbed AFM, or acute flaccid myelitis. The average age of the children who have gotten sick this year is 4, meaning before they are fully protected by the polio vaccine. Polio is still widespread in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria where vaccinations have been slow to take off.

Authorities say it's unclear what is causing the spike in AFM, first recognized by the CDC in the U.S. in 2014. Since then, the CDC has confirmed 362 cases, and the number of cases is growing every year. 

AFM can be caused by a variety of germs, including several viruses, according to the CDC, including both polio and non-polio enteroviruses, West Nile and adenoviruses.

Polio, which seemed to randomly strike young children, became a global epidemic in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with over 57,000 cases in the U.S. at its peak. Polio was thankfully eradicated through vaccination in the United States and most of the world. Polio, however, is still endemic in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

I think we all understand this isn't some "polio-like" virus. It's most likely Polio 2.0. It's polio that has migrated from countries where it's still endemic. Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan. They just renamed it. That way you won't march against open borders. Be careful what you wish for. 90% of the Natives in the Americas died from disease imported from Europe. The anti-vaxxers and open border crowd will make sure it happens again. Only this time, it will be our children.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Scream Town in Minnesota Disrupted By Somalis. Shhh....

The owner of Scream Town in Chaska, Minnesota said that 8-10 members of a certain "identity group," which he dared to name, are constantly disrupting his business, with foul language and butting in line, and ruining the experience for other guests. He asked his employees to enact a zero tolerance policy toward this particular "group."
After he was called a racist for naming the identity "group," he apologized for singling out the "group" which shall remain nameless, because in Minnesota we already live under Sharia Law and are not allowed to name this particular "group" out loud or we are called racists and blocked on Facebook. Neither is the media, our politicians or the police.
Now, CAIR, the Council of America Islamic Relations is demanding an investigation. Sounds kinda like Valley Fair, huh? KARE 11, Valley Fair and the Shakopee police said the Valley Fair riots were caused by "different groups" of "different people" and didn't name any particular "group" and called those of us who did name the group racists, bigots and liars. I can't wait until the Nation of Islam's Keith Ellison is Minnesota's top cop. Then all us infidels will be silenced.

Will Muslims Be Successful This Time And Take Europe?

Many consider October 7, 1571 as the day Europe was saved from Islamic rule. History is repeating itself. This time, will Europe prevail? It's time to learn the rest of the story. Please teach your children well.
The Holy League, or the League of Venice, of 1571, was organized by Pope Pius V and included all the major Catholic maritime states in the Mediterranean, except France. It was intended to break the the Islamic Ottoman Turks' control of the eastern Mediterranean Sea and end the Muslim's unrelenting military conquest over Christendom, unabated since 622 AD.
In 622 AD, Mohammed set out from Medina to conquer the whole Christian world for Allah by force of arms. Within a hundred years, his successors had occupied and pillaged every Christian capital of the Middle East, from Antioch through North Africa (home of Saint Augustine) and Spain. All that remained outside Allah's reign was the northern arc from Southern France to Constantinople, which would fall in 1453.
BTW, all other religions preceded Islam by 600-2,600 years. Muhammad stole stories from other religions to make his own, then instructed his followers to go forth and convert or kill all Arab pagans, Christians, Jews and non-Muslims and take their land.
In fact, the first Jewish Temple was built on the Temple Mount in 1000 BC, 1,600 years before Muhammad was even born! Muhammad invented the monotheist political cult of Islam to terrorize the world, invade nations and steal land. The biggest con ever perpetrated on mankind. It continues today. Muhammad didn't even invent Islam and start spreading Islam through his bloody military conquest until 622 AD, some 1,600 years after the Jewish Temple to God was first built.
The Temple Mount is the holiest site for the Jewish people and was the location for numerous pivotal moments in the Bible. It is believed to be the location where God created Adam from the dust, where Abraham brought Isaac in order to sacrifice him and where kings Solomon and Hezekiah built the first and second Temples, respectively.
For more than a thousand years after 622, southern Europe had to give active military resistance to the "Saracens" (as the Islamists came to be known in the West.) For 600 of those thousand years, a huge sea war ensued for control of the Mediterranean.
The Turks who took over the Arab world expanded their empire in all four directions on the map. For more than a century they made attempt after attempt to take down the largest and richest of the Christian capitals, Constantinople, whose walls they finally breached in 1453. There followed great plunder, huge fires of destruction, the desecration of Christian basilicas and churches, murder, and torture. Thousands of Christian men, women, and children were marched off toward slavery in the East.
A long line of great warrior sultans sponsored Turkish advances in shipbuilding, gunnery, military organization, and training. By the mid 1550s they had slowly conceived of a long-term offensive, a pincers movement first by sea and then by land, to conquer the whole northern shore of the Mediterranean. Their ultimate aim was to take all of Italy; then all of Europe.
First, in 1565, they launched a massive sea attack on the crossroads of the Mediterranean, the strategically placed island of Malta. They were repelled after an epic siege. A later northern pincers movement by land was aimed at an attack up through the Balkans, for the conquest of Budapest, and then in a northeast arc into Slovakia and Poland. In this way, the Muslim forces would essentially encircle Italy from the north. The capture of Vienna — and thus the cutting off of Italy, for easy conquest — was the prize most sought.
By 1540 the Reformation had begun separating the Christian nations of the north from Rome. The Islamic sultans soon recognized that the Christian world would no longer fight as one. The next hundred years or so would be the most fruitful time since 632 to fulfill the destiny of Islam in Europe.
For more than three years, Pope Pius V had labored mightily to sound alarms about the deadly Muslim buildup in the shipyards of Istanbul. The savagery of Muslim attacks on the Christian coastal villages of Italy, Sicily, Dalmatia, and Greece was horrific. Three or four Muslim galleys would offload hundreds of warriors, who would sweep through a village, tie all its healthy men together for shipment out to become galley slaves, march away many of its women and young boys and girls for shipment to Eastern harems, and then gather all the elderly into the village church, where the helpless victims would be beheaded, and sometimes cut up into little pieces, to strike terror into other villages.
The Muslims believed that future victims would lose heart and swiftly surrender when Muslim raiders arrived. Over three centuries, the number of European captives kidnapped from villages and beaches by these pirates climbed into the hundreds of thousands. The Muslim army was built with hundreds of thousands of Christian slaves.
Each new caliph of the Islamic empire was expected to expand the existing Muslim territories, in order to fulfill Islam's mission and gain for the leader the necessary popularity and legitimacy. So it was that in the pleasant springtime of 1571, an entire Muslim fleet under Ali Pasha was ordered by the sultan to seek out and destroy Christian dominance of the Mediterranean Sea, all the way up to Venice.
On October 7, 1571, the naval forces of the Holy League, led by John of Austria, met the Islamic Ottoman Turks in battle in the Gulf of Corinth (Greece) and – after prayer by the entire Holy League and many churches around Europe – the Ottomans were defeated, for the first time, by Christian forces in a naval battle, now referred to as the Battle of Lepanto.
The Muslim ships had some 37,000 oarsman, virtually all of them Christian slaves, who had been captured by the Ottomans in previous conquests and engagements.
The Christian ships were manned by 40,000 sailors and oarsmen. In addition, they carried approximately 20,000 fighting troops: 7,000 Spanish regular infantry of excellent quality, 7,000 Germans, 6,000 Italian mercenaries in Spanish pay, and 5,000 professional Venetian soldiers. Also, Venetian oarsmen were mainly free citizens and able to bear arms, adding to the fighting power of their ship.
In four hours the battle was over. It was the largest naval battle in Western history since classical antiquity, involving more than 400 warships. More than 40,000 men had died, and thousands more were wounded, more than in any other battle in history.
Never again did the Muslim fleet pose a grave danger to Europe from the south, although of course Muslim fleets kept busy expanding their bases on the African coast, harassing Western ships and territories across the Mediterranean.
The victory of the Holy League is of great importance in the history of Europe and of the Ottoman Empire, marking the turning-point of Ottoman military expansion into the Mediterranean, although the Ottoman wars in Europe would continue for another century.
The question is: Will the Muslim world be successful this time and overthrow Europe? Right now, it looks likely. Will America learn from Europe's failure and save herself? I hope so