Saturday, April 27, 2019


MINNESOTA: Here's a photo array and video clips of Ilhan Omar's recent visits to the public schools in her district. Parents were not allowed to attend. Notice there is NO diversity in the room. All the little girls are 100% covered. This is my district, Minnesota's CD5.

This is what she hopes to model for ALL of Minnesota's young women. Think it can't happen here? Sharia Law, and the veil, was forced on Iran's women in 1979. It took just 10 years to make it happen. They've been struggling ever since then, over 40 years, to be free.

Here's what two female Muslim reformist icons that I admire, and follow on Twitter, had to say about her visit. Their words. Not mine:

SHIREEN QUDOSI: "As a Muslim reformer, my concern is less with Ilhan Omar and more so with the debilitating chaos, controversy, and polarizing communication breakdown she brings. If you’re not allowed to be present as a parent, you have every right to remove your kid from the audience. That is what Islamists do: they create chaos because they thrive in chaos. Is Ilhan Omar practicing taqiyya? This is honestly sick. Be warned America. Be very warned. Your values, your culture, your America is circling the rim."

RASHA AL AQEEDI: "I'm not disturbed by idolizing a young politician. I'm disturbed by 6-10 year old girls in full adult hijabs. Not even the strictest form of Sharia requires children to cover their hair. It's dangerous to indoctrinate little girls with the burden of modesty at such a young age or equate their sense of value to their overt Muslim appearance."


-Peggy Traeger Tierney

Schools featured: St Louis Park High School, Anne Sullivan Community Elementary School and St Anthony Middle School.

Thursday, April 25, 2019


CARDINAL SARAH: I, a son of Africa, allow myself to address the West. The Church is the guardian of civilization. I am convinced that western civilization is passing at present through a mortal crisis. It has reached the extreme of self-destructive hate.
The West is blinded by science, technology, and the thirst for riches. The lure of riches, which liberalism spreads in hearts, has sedated the peoples. At the same time, the silent tragedy of abortion and euthanasia continue and pornography and gender ideology destroy children and adolescents. We are accustomed to barbarism. It doesn’t even surprise us anymore!
I want to raise a cry of alarm, which is also a cry of love. I do so with a heart full of gratitude for the Western missionaries who died in my land of Africa and who communicated to me the precious gift of faith in Jesus Christ. I want to follow their lead and receive their inheritance!
The spiritual crisis involves the entire world. But its source is in Europe. People in the West are guilty of rejecting God. They have not only rejected God. Friedrich Nietzsche, the spokesman of the West, has claimed: “God is dead!" From this comes the total rejection of fatherhood.
Western people are convinced that receiving [history] is contrary to the dignity of human persons. But civilized man is fundamentally an heir, he receives a history, a culture, a language, a name, a family. This is what distinguishes him from the barbarian.
The real cause of this refusal to claim their inheritance and this refusal of fatherhood is the rejection of God. From Him we receive our nature as man and woman.
The crisis of the Church is above all a crisis of the faith. Some want the Church to be a human and horizontal society; they want it to speak the language of the media. They want to make it popular. They urge it not to speak about God, but to throw itself body and soul into social problems: migration, ecology, dialogue, the culture of encounter, the struggle against poverty, for justice and peace.
These are of course important and vital questions before which the Church cannot shut her eyes. But a Church such as this is of interest to no one. The Church is only of interest because she allows us to encounter Jesus. We are tempted to think that our action and our ideas will save the Church. It would be better to begin by letting her save herself.
Gender ideology is a Luciferian refusal to receive a sexual nature from God. Thus some rebel against God and pointlessly mutilate themselves in order to change their sex. But in reality they do not fundamentally change anything of their structure as man or woman.
The West refuses to receive, and will accept only what it constructs for itself. This revolt is spiritual at root. It is the revolt of Satan against the gift of grace. Fundamentally, I believe that Western man refuses to be saved by God’s mercy. He refuses to receive salvation, wanting to build it for himself.
The “fundamental values” promoted by the UN are based on a rejection of God that I compare with the rich young man in the Gospel. God has looked upon the West and has loved it because it has done wonderful things. He invited it to go further, but the West turned back. It preferred the kind of riches that it owed only to itself.
Christians must be missionaries. They cannot keep the treasure of the Faith for themselves. How can we do nothing when so many souls do not know the only truth that sets us free: Jesus Christ. The goal of evangelization is not world domination, but the service of God.
Don’t forget that Christ’s victory over the world is the Cross! It is not our intention to take over the power of the world. We want that each and every soul be saved by Christ. The Church has received the mandate to proclaim salvation, which is a supernatural reality. A just society disposes souls to receive the gift of God, but it cannot give salvation.
Only Jesus saves us from sin. A society inspired by the Gospel protects the weak against the consequences of sin. Conversely, a society cut off from God quickly turns into a dictatorship and becomes a structure of sin, encouraging people toward evil. That is why we can say that there can be no just society without a place for God in the public sphere.
A state that officially espouses atheism is an unjust state. A state that relegates God to the private sphere cuts itself off from the true source of rights and justice. A state that pretends to found rights on good will alone, and does not seek to found the law on an objective order received from the Creator, risks falling into totalitarianism.
Freedom is essentially a tending toward what is good and true. The truth is meant to be known and freely embraced. A freedom that is not itself oriented and guided by truth is nonsensical. Error has no rights. Revelation is the breaking in of divine truth into our lives.
Modern man hypostatizes his freedom, making it an absolute to the point of believing that it is threatened when he accepts the truth. However, to accept the truth is the most beautiful act of freedom that man can perform.
Western man is afraid of losing his freedom by accepting the gift of true faith. He prefers to close himself up inside a freedom that is devoid of content. The act of faith is an encounter between freedom and truth.
I think that the crisis of the priesthood is one of the main factors in the crisis of the Church. We have taken away priests’ identity. We have made priests believe that they need to be efficient men. Of course, there are social factors: the crisis of the ‘60s and the sexualization of society, which rebound on the Church. The roots of this crisis are spiritual. A priest who does not pray or makes a theatre out of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, a priest who only confesses rarely and who does not live concretely like another Christ, is cut off from the source of his own being.
We, the bishops, bear a large share of responsibility for the crisis of the priesthood. Have we been fathers to them? Have we listened to them, understood and guided them? Have we given them an example? Too often dioceses are transformed into administrative structures. There are so many meetings. The bishop should be the model for the priesthood. But we ourselves are far from being role models.
The place of a priest is on the Cross. When he celebrates Mass, he is at the source of his whole life, namely the Cross. Celibacy is a concrete means that permits us to live this mystery of the Cross in our lives. Celibacy inscribes the Cross in our very flesh. That is why celibacy is intolerable for the modern world. Celibacy is a scandal for modern people, because the Cross is a scandal.
I want to encourage priests. I want to tell them: love your priesthood! Be proud to be crucified with Christ! Do not fear the world’s hate! I want to express my affection as a father and brother for the priests of the whole world.
Today the Church is living with Christ through the outrages of the Passion. The sins of her members come back to her like strikes on the face. Some have tried to instrumentalize these sins in order to put pressure on the bishops. Some want them to adopt the judgments and language of the world. Some bishops have caved in to the pressure.
We see them calling for the abandonment of priestly celibacy or making unsound statements about homosexual acts. Should we be surprised? The Apostles themselves turned tail in the Garden of Olives. They abandoned Christ in His most difficult hour.
We must be realistic and concrete. Yes, there are sinners. Yes, there are unfaithful priests, bishops, and even cardinals who fail to observe chastity.
With regard to homosexual behaviors, let us not fall into the trap of the manipulators. There is no “homosexual problem” in the Church. There is a problem of sins and infidelity. Let us not perpetuate the vocabulary of LGBT ideology. Homosexuality does not define the identity of persons. It describes certain deviant, sinful, and perverse acts. For these acts, as for other sins, the remedies are known. We must return to Christ, and allow him to convert us.
I think we are at a turning point in the history of the Church. The Church needs a profound, radical reform that must begin by a reform of the life of her priests. Priests must be possessed by the desire for holiness, for perfection in God and fidelity to the doctrine of Him who has chosen and sent them. Their whole being and all their activities must be put to the service of sanctity. The Church is holy in herself. Our sins and our worldly concerns prevent her holiness from diffusing itself.
How could I not emphasize the threat posed by Islamism? Muslims despise the atheistic West. They take refuge in Islamism as a rejection of the consumer society that is offered to them as a religion. Can the West present them the Faith in a clear way? For that it will have to rediscover its Christian roots and identity.
To the countries of the third world, the West is held out as a paradise because it is ruled by commercial liberalism. This encourages the flow of migrants, so tragic for the identity of peoples. A West that denies its faith, its history, its roots, and its identity is destined for contempt, for death, and disappearance.
But I would like to point out that everything is prepared for a renewal. I see families, monasteries, and parishes that are like oases in the middle of a desert. It is from these oases of faith, liturgy, beauty, and silence that the West will be reborn.
We must create places where the air is breathable, or simply where the Christian life is possible. Our communities must put God in the center. Amidst the avalanche of lies, we must be able to find places where truth is not only explained but experienced. In a word, we must live the Gospel: not merely thinking about it as a utopia, but living it in a concrete way.
The Faith is like a fire, but it has to be burning in order to be transmitted to others. Watch over this sacred fire! Let it be your warmth in the heart of this winter of the West.
“If God is for us, who is against us?” (Rom 8:31). In the disaster, confusion, and darkness of our world, we find “the light that shines in the darkness” (cf. Jn 1:5): He who said “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (Jn 14:6).


Facebook's new scheme is to admit in writing, in your Support Inbox, that they made an error, that your post DOES NOT violate community standards, but still send you to Facebook jail with no recourse. They are calling this a "technical glitch."
That way they have a paper trail for the court that makes it look like they being responsive and unbiased against conservatives. However, you are still locked out of your account and unable to post. This is a deceptive bait and switch marketing practice which violates FTC regulations. One of many they employ.
The next time you are sent to Facebook jail, document the process and the comments in your Support Inbox, as well as your inability to post, with screenshots and video. Ted Cruz is holding Senate hearings. Devin Nunes is filing lawsuits. If you don't know how to do this, ask. It's important.
NOTE: Screenshots below show how Peggy Traeger Tierney on Facebook was blocked on 4/11 for 30 days for a pro-Israel post, Facebook then admitted in writing they got it wrong, but still won't let her post and refuse to respond to her requests for a review.
She drove down to Facebook in Iowa, a 3 hour drive, and they refused to even take her file of complaints for review. The guard at the gate told her to make a second account because Facebook will DO NOTHING to help! She has audio tape of this encounter.
When she reported the problem online, ten days later Facebook finally responded, calling it a "technical" problem. Wait until all conservatives experience the same "technical problem" before 2020. This is no joke, folks. They are stripping our rights away to win in 2020. Election interference of the highest kind.
The other tactic they are using is to "recycle" old violations to fill your inbox with numerous complaints so they can banish you for repeat violations. They are actually citing people for posts they 'REMOVED' before, reinstating the posts and then charging you with a second violation.
Last Saturday, April 20, Peggy Traeger Tierney received a warning in her Support Inbox that she violated standards against nudity. Odd, because she hasn't been able to post for two weeks. The "violation" refers to a post from July 2018 arguing against gays being put to death in Iran, with a photo of a protester in Iran carrying a sign, which Facebook said violated their standards and REMOVED 9 MONTHS AGO. Yet, somehow, the REMOVED photo has been recycled as a current violation? See what they are doing? If this happens to you, screenshot that process as well.
If we don't stand up for ourselves, NOBODY will. Peggy Traeger Tierney is working on a video of all this harassment to educate everyone on what's really going on. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

My experience welcoming President Trump to Minnesota.

"Hi everybody. I went to Burnsville to stand with fellow patriots to welcome President Trump to Minnesota. Across the street were protesters, totally organized by the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR), holding mostly "I stand with Ilhan" signs. It was a peaceful gathering -- although several of the protesters were wearing masks and we couldn't see their faces -- which I found disconcerting because that's illegal in Minnesota at a public gathering. The police did nothing.
After Trump arrived, and we were waiting to leave, I walked over to listen to the head of CAIR, Jaylani Hussein, who was going to give an announcement about the next protest he had planned for the day. I walked up to a woman who appeared to be a liberal activist, who was carrying a sign that "All are Welcome" in America. She had, disgustingly, spent the morning pointing to a group of nice teenage boys, who supported Trump, calling them all "rapists." She was a white liberal woman -- approximately 40 years old.
I asked her if I could ask her a question. She said sure. I said are you aware that a dozen immigrants from the Congo, who just crossed the border and are being detained in Texas, are under observation for Ebola? I said are you aware that WHO has declared the Congo ground zero for the biggest outbreak of Ebola ever recorded and are concerned it will become a global health crisis and epidemic? This is on top of TB, measles and mumps outbreaks in Texas detention centers.
I politely asked her if she would welcome those folks in her home without a health examination and why she thinks it's OK to expose the people of Texas to a danger like this? Ebola has a 50-90% mortality rate. She immediately called me a "stupid bitch" and put her sign right in front of my face. Her associates surrounded me in protection and started yelling at me.
I left and walked over to listen to Hussein speak. He was rallying the troops to get over to the U of M by 5:30 to protest Jeff Sessions who was speaking at Carlton today. Hussein told his followers to tell former Attorney General Jeff Sessions that "Sessions was not welcome" in Minnesota or America!Hussein also told his followers to walk in pairs back to their cars to protect themselves from possible harm from Trump supporters. Not kidding.
A reminder, CAIR is the front group in America, for the extremist Muslim Brotherhood Party and Hamas. They pretend to be a civil rights group - they are anything but.
The woman from earlier came over to me, laughing, and held a small flag in front of my face and said: I STOLE YOUR FLAG. Seriously. She was positively giddy. She had reached into my bag and stolen my little flag. She then told me to 'GET OUT OF THERE' -- that I was not welcome. I informed her that I was an American and had no intention of leaving. I began filming Hussein's speech. She repeatedly tried to block me from doing that so I moved a dozen feet away and finished filming.
After Hussein was done speaking, I went up to her and asked her to give me my flag back. She did. She had ripped it. I asked her why she ripped the American flag if she loved America. She laughed and said it was ripped when she stole it.
Then I asked her for her name. She gave it to me. Meghan Casey I checked her FB profile and she campaigned for Conley -- a Hennepin County Commissioner who won in District 4. Meghan even posted pictures of the teenage boys at the rally on her FB page and called them "current racists and future rapists." She called them out as boys from the Burnsville wrestling team.
This is defamation. I reported her post to Facebook and they did nothing. Then I sent her post to the coaches of the Burnsville High School Wrestling Team. These are sick, sick people. I already knew that. But I wanted to make sure that you did, too."