Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Mark Levin always skewers Robert Mueller, and the Republicans in Congress, for protecting him. I decided to dig a little into Mueller's past to find out just how corrupt he was. Turns out, VERY.
Levin: "Everyone says Mueller is beyond reproach. Well, look at his handling in the anthrax case post-9/11. Look at the case when he was in Boston as it relates to Whitey Bulger. Four innocent people went to jail, a $100,000 plus settlement. Two of those guys, two of the four died in jail. And then you got this guy Andrew Weissmann the New York Time calls the Mueller's pit bull. OK. That's a guy that as a result of his actions twice was excoriated by judges for withholding exculpatory evidence. Tens of thousands of jobs were lost for no reason at all. Overturned 9, zero in the Supreme Court. And a guy that sent four Maryland executives to jail, four for a year, and that was overturned by the fifth circuit.
Why are the Democrats so keen on Mueller? Why are the media so keen on him? Why are the swamp Republicans protecting him? There is a lot of leaks coming out of that operation, too. Among them to the Washington Post the other day. Let's be clear about something. The media treats this guy like he is a judge. He's not a judge. He's a rogue prosecutor. And there are two sides to every argument. That's number one. Number two, he is going to put out a report accusing the president of the United States of obstruction of justice? When, in fact, that means that the president of the United States will be accused of obstruction of justice for impeachment purposes?"
Andrew Weissman, described by the New York Times as Mueller’s ‘pit bull,’ was Mueller’s legal advisor for national security in 2005 and later was selected by Mueller to be his General Counsel at the FBI.
When Robert Mueller left his $3.4 million a year job at the top D.C. law firm WilmerHale, where Manafort and Ivanka Trump were clients, he brought Andrew Weissmann with him to the Special Counsel team to investigate President Trump. Together, Mueller and Weissman have been behind the biggest scandals and blunders at the FBI.
Weissmann was a specialist in tracking financing and corruption and was once the head of the Department of Justice’s criminal fraud section. Mueller saw nobody better than Weissmann for doing whatever it took to win a case.
Mueller was also aware of Weissmann’s handling of the Enron and Arthur Anderson cases, as well as his involvement in the Eastern District of New York’s case against the Colombo crime family. Weissmann’s involvement in the Colombo case in the 1990s was the first of many cases that would draw criticism from his peers but this case, in particular, would be one of the FBI’s biggest blunders.
Judge Charles P. Sifton reprimanded Weissmann for withholding evidence from the defense, as previously reported. Weissmann allowed a corrupt FBI agent to testify against the defendants in the case despite having knowledge that the agent was under investigation. The agent had a nefarious relationship with a reputed underboss of the Colombo crime family, who was accused later of numerous murders.
Mueller had similar troubles during the 1980s in Boston when he was Acting U.S. Attorney from 1986 through 1987. Under Mueller’s watch in Boston, another one of the FBI’s most scandalous cases occurred. At the time, an FBI agent by the name of John Connolly, who is now in prison for murder-related charges, had been the handler for James ‘Whitey’ Bulger. Bulger, who Connolly aided in escaping FBI custody in the 90s, was a notorious mobster and murderer who had been working as a confidential informant for the FBI against other crime syndicates in the Boston area. Mueller, who oversaw the FBI during his time there, was criticized by the media and congressional members for how the situation in Boston was handled. Bulger, who committed numerous murders during his time as an informant, disappeared for more than 16 years until he was finally captured in California in 2011; by that time Mueller was director of the FBI.
Many have suggested Mueller never should have been FBI Director, a position in which he then hired Weissmann to be his counsel – and, of course, Weissman presided over the No. 1 most corrupt relationship between an FBI agent and his informant. The defendants in the Colombo related cases were acquitted after it was discovered that Weissmann and his team had withheld evidence. There were 16 defendants in front of 48 different jurors and 4 different judges. Three others had their convictions overturned. Two men convicted without the evidence having been revealed remain in prison, serving life sentences.
At one trial, Weissmann and his co-counsel expressly vouched for the integrity of the corrupt agent, concealing the corruption, and arguing to the jury that if they had any reason to believe the agent lied about anything they should acquit the defendant.
But Mueller and Weissmann’s past isn’t part of the public discussion. Why not? The special counsel investigation has enjoyed, overall, bipartisan support from senior lawmakers. Recently, however, the tide may be shifting and Rudy Guiliani has been brought in to help bring it to a close.


13 days ago, the media received an email "tip" about Mueller. Then, Whitey Bulger, Mueller's FBI informant was murdered in a West Virginia prison after he was moved for no reason. Today, an attorney outs Mueller for sexual assault and says he will announce details on November 1st. Now Robert Mueller is telling us he has referred the matter 2 the FBI & media says he was framed. CYA. This sounds like the Republican's October surprise. More shall be revealed.


If you wonder what that means and what the truth is behind anchor babies, birth tourism, automatic birthright citizenship and the 14th amendment, I put together a little primer. It's long but worth the read.
Birth tourism is travel to another country for the purpose of giving birth to an "anchor baby" in that country. The main reason is to obtain citizenship for the child in a country with birthright citizenship (jus soli) and to enjoy access to free public schooling, healthcare, welfare and sponsorship for the parents in the future. Popular destinations include the United States and Canada.
No European country presently grants UNCONDITIONAL birthright citizenship; however, most countries in the Americas, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil do so.
To discourage birth tourism, Australia, France, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom grant citizenship by birth ONLY if at least one parent is a citizen of the country or a legal permanent resident who has lived in the country for several years. Germany softened its citizenship requirement and doesn't require one parent be a citizen anymore. Thus, the reason they have such a large incoming migration.
A new study shows that one in 4 of children living in the United States, 20 million, in 2016, had at least one parent who was born OUTSIDE the United States. 25% of those children live in California. Another 25% live in New York, Texas and Florida. So HALF the children in the US born to parents who came here from other countries live in California, Texas, New York and Florida.
Women from Communist China pay "birth tourism" operators from $40,000 to $80,000 to come to the US to deliver their made-in-America babies. Birth tourism is a huge industry in New York and California to breed future Democrat voters through tourist visa fraud and chain migration. Pregnant women travel to the United States, usually on tourist visas, so that their children will be born US citizens. At least 500 companies offer "birth tourism" services in China. While there are no official statistics, the number of Communist Chinese citizens heading to the USA to give birth is over 100,000 each year.
So roughly 10 million children, living in California, New York, Texas and Florida, were born to at least one parent who was not born in America. 89 percent of these children are now citizens of the U.S. itself. One third of those children are covered under either Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Most of those families receive some other kind of welfare assistance through their children including housing, foodstamps, and cash.
Should all anchor babies, or babies born in America to illegal aliens, automatically become American citizens due to the U.S. Constitution? It looks like NO. We've been conned for decades by FAKE NEWS on the meaning of the 14th Amendment. President Trump has said that the line "subject to their jurisdiction" in the 14th Amendment means that babies born to ILLEGALS in the United States are NOT automatically citizens of the United States.
The 14th Amendment was written in 1868 to grant citizenship to former slaves who had just been freed after the Civil War, not to naturalize all foreign-born people who come to America just to give birth so, through chain migration, they could bring entire families here. Each year, over 200,000 babies are born and naturalized in America through "birth tourism" - an organized operation to subvert US law. That doesn't include the hundreds of thousands born to illegal aliens, in our emergency rooms, free of charge.
"Every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons. It settles the great question of citizenship and removes all doubt as to what persons are or are not citizens of the United States. This has long been a great desideratum in the jurisprudence and legislation of this country."
"The phrase "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" was intended to exclude American-born persons from automatic citizenship whose allegiance to the United States was NOT complete. With illegal aliens who are unlawfully in the United States, their native country has a claim of allegiance on the child. Thus, the completeness of their allegiance to the United States is impaired, which therefore precludes automatic citizenship."
Has the media has sold us a bill of goods on "anchor babies" for decades since LBJ killed JFK's merit-based immigration plan and replaced it with chain migration to ensure new Democrat voters? Yes. Time to change that.
IMHO, when it comes to the current situation, it's not OK to kick out kids who have lived here their entire lives - gotten a high school degree - haven't committed crimes and are doing the deal. Those 1.8 million deserve a chance. The rest, NO. Get in line like everybody else.
Then shut down chain migration, build the wall, kill the lottery, limit asylum, and shut down sanctuary cities. From now on we only deal in merit. Like we used to. Also, get the 14th amendment before the Supreme Court and outlaw automatic citizenship for the birthing industry. Stop illegal aliens, who sneak into America to give birth in our hospitals for FREE so their kids can become citizens, from abusing our country. NO MORE.

Monday, October 29, 2018

University of Minnesota student attacked by "group of 8 to 10 people."

Minneapolis police say a University of Minnesota student was "assaulted by a large group of 8-10 people" at 2am Sunday morning near Ferguson Hall. Ferguson Hall is near Cedar Riverside.
They won't ID or describe the attackers. Just like Valleyfair. They are calling them "groups of people." That's helpful, isn't it?
Police say the student was assaulted by a group of 8 to 10 people, and two were on bikes. They pushed and assaulted the student, stealing the student’s backpack and damaging their phone.
Police are asking the public's help in finding the criminals. How are we supposed to catch criminals if the police and the media won't describe them and we aren't allowed to ask questions without being called racists and bigots? Have you ever heard of anything more ridiculous, self-defeating or dangerous?


Thursday, October 25, 2018

Minnesota, this is our future. No diversity. No multi-culturalism. Just Islam.

Minnesota, if you want to see what our future looks like, let's look at the Daily Mail's report on a small town in England.
Today, in Savile Town, England, 99%, or 3,985 out of the 4,033 people living there are Muslims from Pakistan or Indian. There is no diversity left. There is no multi-culturalism. There is only Islam and Sharia Law.
This is already happening in America. For example, at the Cedar Riverside public housing complex in Minneapolis, 98% of the residents practice the same religion and culture. There is no diversity left at all. NONE.
Many migrants came to Savile Town to work in the woolen mills. After a while they opened their own shops for Islamic food, garments and prayer mats. Soon pubs were closed and other Western grocery shops had to close as well. In the meantime, a huge Mosque was built for around 4,000 worshippers.
“Many Muslim women who live here, speak little or no English. The wives have restricted lives: bringing up children, cooking for families, or going to women-only events at the huge local mosque. Many were brought to the UK to wed the British men of south Asian heritage who have made this area their home. Even the lady who sells ice cream in summer wears a burka in Savile Town and young girls are forced to wear Islamic garments, as well."
“Distressingly, every girl I saw — even those of six and seven playing in the park — was wrapped up in a hijab and shoulder-to-toe-gown lest a man glimpse her flesh."
This is what CAIR, Ilhan Omar, Abdi Warsame and Keith Ellison want for Minnesota. Hurling us back to the 3rd world where women are trapped like animals. Think I'm kidding? I wish I were. VOTE RED MINNESOTA. OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Does Democrats' October Surprise Include An Aylan Kurdi? I Pray Not.

With 10,000 Hondurans approaching our Southern border, the Democrats' October surprise just in time for mid-terms, let us pray that America doesn't have an Aylan Kurdi moment. Let's hope the Democrats don't sacrifice a child for the cameras to open the borders wide, like Europe did. 
Aylan was the three year old Syrian boy whose body was photographed, on a Turkish beach, after he drowned supposedly trying to make it to Europe with his family in 2015.
The whole of Europe reacted with horror and guilt. Angela Merkel used the emotional moment as an excuse to significantly increase Islamic migration into Germany and Sweden. Facts did not matter. Emotion, combined with guilt, opened the borders wide, and triggered the flow of millions of migrants, mostly young men, into Europe (versus the "families" narrative we saw on TV.)
The facts behind that picture were quite different. The Syrian boy's father was not an asylum seeker. He was gainfully employed in Turkey and had no reason to leave. They had lived there 3 years, had $5,000 in savings and lived in an apartment paid for by a sister in Canada.
They obviously did not get very far because the boy was photographed on a Turkish beach. Critics believe the photograph was staged. The father declared he saw his family drown in front of his eyes and then later stated he looked for them lost on the beach. His story had many holes. But the photo changed Europe forever. Europe is doomed. It will never recover.
Never underestimate the power of a single horrific event, doctored narrative or frothy emotional appeal to change the world forever. Never underestimate what one unhinged party will do to regain power. Never underestimate evil. Pray.

Conservative to Communist - in Four Years

A liberal University of Washington teacher's aide, Rebecca Ferber, saw three conservative students eating lunch together, and discussing politics, so she sat next to them and secretly taped their conversation. Then she posted their faces on Twitter, mocked them and told students she was going to "throw water bottles" at them.
Again, these are the clowns teaching your children on liberal campuses. This is why many enter college as conservative and emerge as Communists. The peer pressure is too much for most.

Polio is Back in America

The 7th case of "it's not polio" was just confirmed in Minnesota. Polio is still endemic in Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan. Children under 5, who are not yet fully vaccinated, can easily succumb to the virus brought here from other countries. Polio 2.0. Coming to America. 

The CDC has confirmed at least 362 cases, in 22 U.S. states, of what they are calling a "polio-like" illness that paralyzes children. It's dubbed AFM, or acute flaccid myelitis. The average age of the children who have gotten sick this year is 4, meaning before they are fully protected by the polio vaccine. Polio is still widespread in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria where vaccinations have been slow to take off.

Authorities say it's unclear what is causing the spike in AFM, first recognized by the CDC in the U.S. in 2014. Since then, the CDC has confirmed 362 cases, and the number of cases is growing every year. 

AFM can be caused by a variety of germs, including several viruses, according to the CDC, including both polio and non-polio enteroviruses, West Nile and adenoviruses.

Polio, which seemed to randomly strike young children, became a global epidemic in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with over 57,000 cases in the U.S. at its peak. Polio was thankfully eradicated through vaccination in the United States and most of the world. Polio, however, is still endemic in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

I think we all understand this isn't some "polio-like" virus. It's most likely Polio 2.0. It's polio that has migrated from countries where it's still endemic. Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan. They just renamed it. That way you won't march against open borders. Be careful what you wish for. 90% of the Natives in the Americas died from disease imported from Europe. The anti-vaxxers and open border crowd will make sure it happens again. Only this time, it will be our children.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Scream Town in Minnesota Disrupted By Somalis. Shhh....

The owner of Scream Town in Chaska, Minnesota said that 8-10 members of a certain "identity group," which he dared to name, are constantly disrupting his business, with foul language and butting in line, and ruining the experience for other guests. He asked his employees to enact a zero tolerance policy toward this particular "group."
After he was called a racist for naming the identity "group," he apologized for singling out the "group" which shall remain nameless, because in Minnesota we already live under Sharia Law and are not allowed to name this particular "group" out loud or we are called racists and blocked on Facebook. Neither is the media, our politicians or the police.
Now, CAIR, the Council of America Islamic Relations is demanding an investigation. Sounds kinda like Valley Fair, huh? KARE 11, Valley Fair and the Shakopee police said the Valley Fair riots were caused by "different groups" of "different people" and didn't name any particular "group" and called those of us who did name the group racists, bigots and liars. I can't wait until the Nation of Islam's Keith Ellison is Minnesota's top cop. Then all us infidels will be silenced. http://www.fox9.com/news/scream-town-owner-faces-backlash-over-facebook-post-singles-out-somalis

Will Muslims Be Successful This Time And Take Europe?

Many consider October 7, 1571 as the day Europe was saved from Islamic rule. History is repeating itself. This time, will Europe prevail? It's time to learn the rest of the story. Please teach your children well.
The Holy League, or the League of Venice, of 1571, was organized by Pope Pius V and included all the major Catholic maritime states in the Mediterranean, except France. It was intended to break the the Islamic Ottoman Turks' control of the eastern Mediterranean Sea and end the Muslim's unrelenting military conquest over Christendom, unabated since 622 AD.
In 622 AD, Mohammed set out from Medina to conquer the whole Christian world for Allah by force of arms. Within a hundred years, his successors had occupied and pillaged every Christian capital of the Middle East, from Antioch through North Africa (home of Saint Augustine) and Spain. All that remained outside Allah's reign was the northern arc from Southern France to Constantinople, which would fall in 1453.
BTW, all other religions preceded Islam by 600-2,600 years. Muhammad stole stories from other religions to make his own, then instructed his followers to go forth and convert or kill all Arab pagans, Christians, Jews and non-Muslims and take their land.
In fact, the first Jewish Temple was built on the Temple Mount in 1000 BC, 1,600 years before Muhammad was even born! Muhammad invented the monotheist political cult of Islam to terrorize the world, invade nations and steal land. The biggest con ever perpetrated on mankind. It continues today. Muhammad didn't even invent Islam and start spreading Islam through his bloody military conquest until 622 AD, some 1,600 years after the Jewish Temple to God was first built.
The Temple Mount is the holiest site for the Jewish people and was the location for numerous pivotal moments in the Bible. It is believed to be the location where God created Adam from the dust, where Abraham brought Isaac in order to sacrifice him and where kings Solomon and Hezekiah built the first and second Temples, respectively.
For more than a thousand years after 622, southern Europe had to give active military resistance to the "Saracens" (as the Islamists came to be known in the West.) For 600 of those thousand years, a huge sea war ensued for control of the Mediterranean.
The Turks who took over the Arab world expanded their empire in all four directions on the map. For more than a century they made attempt after attempt to take down the largest and richest of the Christian capitals, Constantinople, whose walls they finally breached in 1453. There followed great plunder, huge fires of destruction, the desecration of Christian basilicas and churches, murder, and torture. Thousands of Christian men, women, and children were marched off toward slavery in the East.
A long line of great warrior sultans sponsored Turkish advances in shipbuilding, gunnery, military organization, and training. By the mid 1550s they had slowly conceived of a long-term offensive, a pincers movement first by sea and then by land, to conquer the whole northern shore of the Mediterranean. Their ultimate aim was to take all of Italy; then all of Europe.
First, in 1565, they launched a massive sea attack on the crossroads of the Mediterranean, the strategically placed island of Malta. They were repelled after an epic siege. A later northern pincers movement by land was aimed at an attack up through the Balkans, for the conquest of Budapest, and then in a northeast arc into Slovakia and Poland. In this way, the Muslim forces would essentially encircle Italy from the north. The capture of Vienna — and thus the cutting off of Italy, for easy conquest — was the prize most sought.
By 1540 the Reformation had begun separating the Christian nations of the north from Rome. The Islamic sultans soon recognized that the Christian world would no longer fight as one. The next hundred years or so would be the most fruitful time since 632 to fulfill the destiny of Islam in Europe.
For more than three years, Pope Pius V had labored mightily to sound alarms about the deadly Muslim buildup in the shipyards of Istanbul. The savagery of Muslim attacks on the Christian coastal villages of Italy, Sicily, Dalmatia, and Greece was horrific. Three or four Muslim galleys would offload hundreds of warriors, who would sweep through a village, tie all its healthy men together for shipment out to become galley slaves, march away many of its women and young boys and girls for shipment to Eastern harems, and then gather all the elderly into the village church, where the helpless victims would be beheaded, and sometimes cut up into little pieces, to strike terror into other villages.
The Muslims believed that future victims would lose heart and swiftly surrender when Muslim raiders arrived. Over three centuries, the number of European captives kidnapped from villages and beaches by these pirates climbed into the hundreds of thousands. The Muslim army was built with hundreds of thousands of Christian slaves.
Each new caliph of the Islamic empire was expected to expand the existing Muslim territories, in order to fulfill Islam's mission and gain for the leader the necessary popularity and legitimacy. So it was that in the pleasant springtime of 1571, an entire Muslim fleet under Ali Pasha was ordered by the sultan to seek out and destroy Christian dominance of the Mediterranean Sea, all the way up to Venice.
On October 7, 1571, the naval forces of the Holy League, led by John of Austria, met the Islamic Ottoman Turks in battle in the Gulf of Corinth (Greece) and – after prayer by the entire Holy League and many churches around Europe – the Ottomans were defeated, for the first time, by Christian forces in a naval battle, now referred to as the Battle of Lepanto.
The Muslim ships had some 37,000 oarsman, virtually all of them Christian slaves, who had been captured by the Ottomans in previous conquests and engagements.
The Christian ships were manned by 40,000 sailors and oarsmen. In addition, they carried approximately 20,000 fighting troops: 7,000 Spanish regular infantry of excellent quality, 7,000 Germans, 6,000 Italian mercenaries in Spanish pay, and 5,000 professional Venetian soldiers. Also, Venetian oarsmen were mainly free citizens and able to bear arms, adding to the fighting power of their ship.
In four hours the battle was over. It was the largest naval battle in Western history since classical antiquity, involving more than 400 warships. More than 40,000 men had died, and thousands more were wounded, more than in any other battle in history.
Never again did the Muslim fleet pose a grave danger to Europe from the south, although of course Muslim fleets kept busy expanding their bases on the African coast, harassing Western ships and territories across the Mediterranean.
The victory of the Holy League is of great importance in the history of Europe and of the Ottoman Empire, marking the turning-point of Ottoman military expansion into the Mediterranean, although the Ottoman wars in Europe would continue for another century.
The question is: Will the Muslim world be successful this time and overthrow Europe? Right now, it looks likely. Will America learn from Europe's failure and save herself? I hope so

Sunday, October 7, 2018


MINNESOTA: A man was punched in the face, pushed to the ground, kicked and robbed in broad daylight last month on the West Bank campus at the University of Minnesota. His attackers fled into the Cedar Riverside neighborhood. No description has been released of the suspects. Of course not.

A man was found shot to death, last month, in a car in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood on the 1800 block of Riverside Avenue, near the University of Minnesota’s West Bank campus. No arrests were made and the description of the victim was not made public. Of course not.

The liberal leadership has instructed the media and the police to not describe these gangsters as Somali Muslims so as not to interfere with mid-term elections for Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison. Just like Valley Fair. Parents, do you think your children are safe at the liberal U of M? I think not.

Friday, October 5, 2018


MINNESOTA: I was asked to join a "closed Facebook group" in Bloomington, Minnesota called "Bloomington Politics." As many of you know, Bloomington is home to the Dar Al Farooq Mosque and Islamic school, one of the largest in Minnesota, and very close to the Mall of America. About a mile from my house.
A local Bloomington resident, named Mohamed Ali, who wants to be the next Mayor of Bloomington, often posts in the Facebook group about his Islamic faith and calls everyone who opposes him "a racist." Several other Bloomington residents support Ali and call all Republicans, Trump supporters, and those who disagree with Mohamed Ali, "racists" and "bigots."
Today, I posted two comments. One on the Islamic faith from a woman who left the faith. The other my views on Sharia law. I was immediately called a RACIST and then BLOCKED from the group by the administrator so I could not respond, with this message: "The admin has temporarily turned off your ability to post or comment in the group until Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 12:41 PM." See how that works?
This is the group's CREDO. They lie:
"The Bloomington Politics group is where people can have open discussions and debates about political issues, learn about candidates, voting information, and more! There will not be censorship based on party affiliation, or political leaning. All are welcome, but be prepared to have healthy debate and discussion."
Now, read my posts. Tell me, are my posts racist or just truthful? I think we all know the answer to that. Minnesota has turned into a police state. Pray for us all.
I heard a speaker last night who said something simple, yet profound, that slapped me awake. If we Minnesotans are NOT ALLOWED to:
1) Question why Ilhan Omar married her brother, or
2) Wonder why Officer Mohamed Noor is still not yet on trial for killing Justine Damond, or
3) Mention the nationality or religion of the 100 rioters at Valley Fair, or
4) Express outrage over Fox 9's report on massive Somali daycare fraud, or
5) Be angry about our welfare $ going to support illegals and terrorism, or
6) Be irritated about co-workers taking prayer breaks at work, or
7) Be concerned about CAIR infiltrating our Government and schools, or
8) Ask why Minneapolis taxpayers are paying $1 million for a fence to keep Somali gangsters OUT of Cedar Riverside, or
9) Call for an investigation of the Nation of Islam Keith Ellison for sexual abuse...
...without being called a racist, or a bigot, then we are ALREADY living under SHARIA Law in Minnesota. Elect Keith "Hakim Muhammad" Ellison as our Attorney General and it's OVER.
Here's what a Somali woman who left Islam says about Islam. Her words, not mine:
“There is no conspiracy. If you’re an ex-Muslim, there are people who want to kill you for deserting Islam. I am one of them. That’s not phobia, it’s rational fear. If you look at 70 percent of the violence in the world today, Muslims are responsible. Islam is NOT a religion of peace.
There is ONE Islam, unreformed, but three sets of Muslims: Medina, Mecca, and reformers. The first group are the extremists and fundamentalists, the second the great mass of Muslims who just want to live their lives in peace, and the third are reformers.
Right now, the Medina have the upper hand. By Medina I don’t just mean the renegades like ISIS, al-Qaeda, and al-Shabaab -- but large groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, and the nation-state of Iran. Their rule is marked by violence, intimidation and aggression. Jihad, or holy war, commands them to convert or kill all non-believers."

My guess? Mohamed Ali started the group, a front for CAIR, to con the people of Bloomington into voting for him. 


This "progressive feminist" professor at the University of Southern Maine offered college students a “pop-up” CREDITED course to take a bus to Washington, D.C. to heckle Senator Collins in protest of Kavanaugh. COMMIE INDOCTRINATION. Remove your children from liberal colleges! They will be permanently brainwashed and scarred for life.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Dinesh D'Souza Says America First

Dinesh D'Souza says the left uses "identity politics" as a weapon - where the most important characteristic about you is what race you are and what "other" country your ancestors came from. President Trump practices Americanism and America first. Being American is what unites us. Those other labels divide us. Hear hear. A good reminder of what AMERICA is all about from a proud AMERICAN. https://www.dineshdsouza.com/news/killing-the-alt-right-lie/

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Ford Is Part and Parcel of the Deep State

Christine Blasey-Ford worked with her DOJ and FBI life-long BFF Monica L. McLean to construct the Kavanaugh smear. It was a retired DOJ/FBI agent who was helping Ford all along.
That's why Grassley gave us Monica's name and didn't redact it in the letter he received from Ford's ex-boyfriend. McLean was the woman mentioned by Ford's ex-boyfriend, of 6 years, in his letter to Grassley...the woman who Ford lived with, and coached, in the 1990's, on how to take a polygraph.
Monica was Ford's "beach friend." Monica Lee McLean was a 24-year employee of the Department of Justice and FBI, from 1992 to 2016, and worked side-by-side with Trump hating SDNY Attorney General Preet Bharara. McLean's partner, Jim Margolin, is also involved with the case against President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen. Here's Monica. Pretty in pink.

Scarborough flips sides again.

JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC: “The media coverage of this has been so one-sided, it has been so biased. There has been the presumption from the very beginning that every single allegation made against the judge was true.
I have turned on all networks at all times and Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of being a serial rapist — a serial rapist by columnists in national newspapers, calling him a serial rapist. Nobody has dared say, even the Republicans, that part of Dr. Ford’s story just might not add up. So you have the complete absence of the other side in the mainstream media."
Eyes wide open, Joe? Sounds to me like Scarborough is worried about the coming defamation lawsuits.

Monahan Hires Wardlow's Former Boss For Attorney

BREAKING: Karen Monahan, Keith Ellison’s accuser, has hired a NEW ATTORNEY, a long term friend, who is the former boss of Ellison’s Republican opponent for Minnesota Attorney General, Doug Wardlow. Monahan’s attorney, Andrew Parker, said his new client, Karen Monahan, contacted him for representation a few days ago, not the other way around.
Parker and Wardlow’s close relationship goes far back. Wardlow spent nearly half his legal career working at Parker’s previous law firm, Parker Rosen LLC. Karen Monahan claims to have a video of Ellison's abuse but, so far, has refused to release it. The Democrats hired a law firm, with a history of Democrat donations, to investigate her charges. They say they are "unsubstantiated." Not impartial at all.

Indoctrination Works!

RASMUSSEN: 67% of voters want mandatory photo ID at polls. Only those under 40 think requiring a photo ID to vote is "racist."

Scammers Plant Commie Propaganda in Scholarly Campus Journals

Wonder where all those "scholarly" essays come from that are printed by top academic journals on college campuses? From scammers. These three hoaxers were able to plant 7 phony "essays" in scholarly journals to prove how easy it is.
There's a paper that doesn’t just advocate stopping white males from speaking in class; it encourages teachers to institute a form of “experiential reparation” by making their white students sit on the ground bound in chains.
There is a paper that labels men who masturbate while thinking about a woman without gaining her prior consent as perpetrators of sexual violence.
There is a paper that dismisses western astronomy as sexist and imperialist, making a case for physics departments to study feminist astrology instead.
There is a paper which tries to prove campus rape culture is real by using observations of canine rape culture in a Portland dog park!
Imagine how many thousands of other articles are planted by propagandists. These are the tools that liberal college professors use to brainwash your children! NO wonder they emerge foul-mouthed and disrespectful, calling everyone a racist, hating white people (even themselves,) offended by everything and unable to intelligently debate real issues.


Most polls show America supports a woman's right to choose.
However, they do not support a woman's right to choose abortion as a means of convenient birth control, to kill a fetus from 21-36 weeks old that can live outside the womb, to dismember a live fetus and sell its body parts for $200 a piece, for profit, without the mother's consent. They do not support abortion as a first choice over all other options, including adoption. Roe vs. Wade was designed to legalize abortion only during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and to save a mother's life. Now states will abort up until the day before birth.
If anyone can tell me they think it's COOL that America has aborted 54 million fetuses since 1973, half of those from black Americans, I'd like to hear from them. Some 800,000 of those babies were 5 months or older, and viable to live outside the womb. We are much more informed about fetal development than we were in 1973. This is a discussion America needs to have.
We are aborting America's children and bringing in 3rd world immigrants to repopulate America, on the taxpayer dime, who are not advocates of abortion, who are having 6-8 children per family. Explain that one to me, ladies. Your body, your choice? Nah. We've been conned.


This is long but if you really want to understand how the Coup Against Trump is simply a remake of the Coup Against Nixon, including all the same players, read on. The Commies don't teach this truth in school. It's up to us.
The Coup Against Nixon.
Now that we've all had a ring-side seat to 24 months of Russia, Russia, Russia and FBI shenanigans to drive President Trump out of office, and keep Judge Kavanaugh off SCOTUS, it's easy to see NOW how Watergate was indeed a setup to do the same to President Nixon. A coup to unseat an elected President.
Who helped? George HW Bush, Hillary Clinton, the CIA, the FBI, Stefan Halper, the Washington Post and White House Counsel John Dean. The CIA and the U.S. military Joint Chiefs of Staff were at war with Nixon because they were opposed to the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, they were opposed to the SALT arms limitations agreement with the Soviets, and they were opposed to the opening to China. Sound familiar? The Deep State wasn't happy with Nixon and he needed to go. Just like JFK.
On June 17, 1972, a group of burglars, carrying electronic surveillance equipment, was arrested inside the Democratic National Committee offices in the Watergate building complex. The men were quickly identified as having ties to the Nixon reelection campaign and to the White House.
Though at the time the incident got little attention, it would snowball into one of the biggest crises in American political history, define Richard Nixon forever, and drive him out of the White House.
Most historical accounts judge Nixon responsible in some way for the Watergate burglary—or at least for an effort to cover it up. And many people believe Nixon got what he deserved. However, the real story about Watergate turns out to be an entirely different story than the one we thought we knew.
In his memoirs, Nixon described how he first learned about
the burglary while vacationing in Florida, from the morning newspaper! He recalled his reaction at the time:
"It sounded preposterous. Cubans in surgical gloves bugging the
DNC! I dismissed it as some sort of prank. The whole thing
made so little sense. Why, I wondered. Why then? Why in such a
blundering way. Anyone who knew anything about politics
would know that a national committee headquarters was a useless place to go for inside information on a presidential campaign. The whole thing was so senseless and bungled that it almost looked like some kind of a setup."
Nixon was actually suggesting not just a setup, but one intended to harm him. Perhaps because anything he might say would seem transparently self-serving, this claim received little attention and has been largely forgotten.
On June 23, Nixon’s chief of staff, H. R. “Bob” Haldeman, came into the Oval Office to give the president an update on a variety of topics, including the investigation of the break-in. Haldeman had just been briefed by John Dean, who had gotten his information from FBI investigators.
HALDEMAN: The FBI agents who are working the case, at this
point, feel that’s what it is. This is CIA.
NIXON: Of course it is. This is an E. Howard Hunt operation,
and exposure of it will uncover a lot of things. You open that
scab there’s a hell of a lot of things and that we just feel that it
would be very detrimental to have this thing go any further.
This involves these Cubans, Hunt, and a lot of hanky-panky that
we have nothing to do with ourselves. This will open the
whole Bay of Pigs thing.
Of course, it is important to remember that Nixon knew every word he uttered was being recorded. Like his predecessors Kennedy and Johnson, he had decided to install a taping system so that he could maintain a record of his administration. He was, in a way, dictating a file memo for future historians.
But that doesn’t make everything he said untrue. While Nixon undoubtedly spun some things, he still had to communicate with his subordinates, and the tape was rolling while he was trying to run the country. Those were actual meetings and real conversations, tape or no tape. And though the result was 3,700 hours of White House tape recordings, Nixon evinced merely sporadic consciousness of the fact that the tape was rolling. Only after his counsel John Dean defected to the prosecutors did Nixon appear to be tailoring his words.
Nixon’s memoirs, combined with the tape of June 23, make clear that Nixon recognized certain things about the implementation of the burglary. The caper was carried out by pros, yet paradoxically was amateurish, easily detected—an instigation of the crime more easily pinned on someone else. A break-in at Democratic Party headquarters: On whom would that be
blamed? Well, who was running against a Democrat for reelection that fall? Why, Richard Nixon of course. Nixon, who frequently exhibited a grim and self-pitying awareness of how he generally was portrayed, might have grasped how this would play out publicly. Dick Nixon: ruthless, paranoid, vengeful -Tricky Dick. Wouldn’t this burglary be just the kind of thing that
that Dick Nixon—the “liberal media’s” version of him—would do? Nixon’s opponent, George McGovern, made this charge repeatedly during the 1972 campaign.
Though Nixon would sweep the election, it would become increasingly apparent to him that, where Watergate was concerned, the jury was stacked. The path was set. Someone had him in a corner. But who?
But who?
Many people, including those within Nixon’s own base of support, were not happy with him—even from early in his administration. As Haldeman noted in his diary, one month after the inauguration in 1969:
"Also got cranking on the political problem. The President's obviously concerned about reports, especially Buchanan’s, that conservatives and the South are unhappy. Also he’s annoyed by constant right-wing bitching, with never a positive alternative. Ordered me to assemble a political group and really hit them to start defending us, including Buchanan and political specialist Harry Dent."
There would be growing anger in the Pentagon about Nixon and Kissinger’s secret attempts to secure agreements with China and the Soviet Union without consulting the military. And there were the oilmen, who found Nixon wasn’t solid enough on their most basic concerns, such as the oil depletion allowance and oil import quotas.
As for the burglary crew, Nixon recognized them instantly, because he knew what they represented. While serving as vice president, Nixon had overseen some covert operations and served as the “action officer” for the planning of the Bay of Pigs, of which these men were hard-boiled veterans. They had been out to overthrow Fidel Castro, and if possible, to kill him. Nixon had another problem. These pros were connected to the CIA, and as we shall see, Nixon was not getting along well with the CIA.
One of the main reasons we fundamentally misunderstand Watergate is that the guardians of the historical record focused only on selected parts of Nixon’s taped conversations, out of context. Consider a widely cited portion of a June 23 meeting tape, which would become known forever as the “smoking gun” conversation:
HALDEMAN: The way to handle this now is for us to have CIA
deputy director Vernon Walters call FBI interim director Pat
Gray and just say, “Stay the hell out of this. This is ah, business
here we don’t want you to go any further on it.”
NIXON: Um hum.
Short edited excerpts like this seem especially damning. This one sounds right off the bat like a cover-up—Nixon using the CIA to suppress an FBI investigation into the break-in.
But these utterances take on a different meaning when considered with the REST of the same conversation. A prime example:
Haldeman went on to tell Nixon that Pat Gray, the acting FBI director, had called CIA director Richard Helms and said, “I think we’ve run right into the middle of a CIA covert operation.
Although the first excerpt above sounds like a discussion of a cover-up, when we consider the information about the CIA involvement, it shows Nixon is NOT colluding. He may well have been refusing to take the rap for something he had not authorized—and certainly not for something that smelled so blatantly like a trap. Nixon would have understood that if the
FBI were to conduct a full investigation and conclude that the break-in was indeed an illegal operation of the CIA, it would all be blamed squarely on the man who supposedly had ultimate authority over both agencies—him. And doubly so, since the burglars and their supervisors were tied not just to the CIA but also directly back to Nixon’s reelection committee and the
White House itself.
Yet, however concerned Nixon certainly must have been at this moment, he played it cool. He concurred with the advice that his chief of staff was passing along from the counsel John Dean, which was to press the CIA to clean up its own mess.
If the CIA was involved, then the agency would have to ask the FBI to back off. The CIA itself would have to invoke its perennial escape clause—say that national security was at stake.
This must have sounded to Nixon like the best way to deal with a vexing and shadowy situation. He had no way of knowing that, two years later, his conversation with Haldeman would be publicly revealed and construed as that of a man in control of a plot, rather than the target of one.
That Nixon could actually have been the victim of Watergate, and not the perpetrator, will not sit well with many, especially those with a professional stake in Nixon’s guilt. Yet three of the most thoroughly reported books on Watergate from the past three decades have come to the same conclusion: that Nixon and/or his top aides were indeed set up. Each of these books takes a completely different approach, focuses on different aspects, and relies on essentially different sets of facts and sources. These are 1984’s Secret Agenda, by former Harper’s magazine Washington editor Jim Hougan; 1991’s Silent Coup, by Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin; and 2008’s The Strong Man, by James Rosen.
Rosen’s The Strong Man: John Mitchell and the Secrets of Watergate is a biography of Nixon’s close friend, attorney general, and campaign chief, the highest-ranking official ever to be sentenced to prison. The book, on which Rosen labored for seventeen years, is based on sources not previously interviewed
and also on unprecedented access to documents generated by the Senate Watergate Committee and Watergate special prosecutors. Rosen asserts that the Watergate operation was authorized behind Mitchell’s back by his subordinate Jeb Magruder and by John Dean and was deliberately sabotaged
in its execution by burglar and former CIA officer James McCord. As Rosen puts it:
"Mitchell knew he had been set up. In later years, his mind reeled at the singular confluence of amazing characters that produced Watergate—Dean, Magruder, Liddy, Helms, Hunt, McCord, Martinez—and reckoned himself and the president, neither of whom enjoyed foreknowledge of the Watergate break-in, victims in the affair. “The more I got into this,” Mitchell said in June 1987, “the more I see how these sons of bitches have not only done Nixon in but they’ve done me in.”
Rosen also writes:
The Watergate tapes unmasked Nixon not as the take-charge boss of a criminal conspiracy but rather as an aging and confused politician lost in a welter of detail, unable to distinguish his Magruders from his Strachans, uncertain who knew what and when, what each player had told the grand jury, whose testimony was direct, whose hearsay.
My independent research takes the argument one step further, and the facts in a completely new direction. It leads to an even more disturbing conclusion as to what was really going on, and why.
The accepted narrative of Nixon as the villain of Watergate is based largely on of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. They both were young reporters on the Washington Post’s Metro desk when the story fell into their laps.
When it was over, they were household names. Woodward in particular would go on to become the nation’s most visible investigative journalist, and indeed the iconic representation of that genre. The work of “Woodstein” would play a key role in enhancing the franchise of the Washington Post itself. Yet this oeuvre—in particular the role of Woodward—has become somewhat suspect among those who have taken a second and third look—including Columbia Journalism Review contributing editor Steve Weinberg, in a November/December 1991 article.
Woodward did not fit the profile of the typical daily print reporter. Young, midwestern, Republican, he attended Yale on an ROTC scholarship and then spent five years in the Navy. He had begun with a top-secret security clearance on board the USS Wright, specializing in communications, including with the White House.
According to this account, in 1969-70, Woodward frequently
walked through the basement offices of the White House West Wing with documents from Admiral Moorer to General Alexander Haig, who served under Henry Kissinger.
In a 2008 interview, Woodward categorically denied having any intelligence connections. He also denied having worked in the White House or providing briefings there. “It’s a matter of record in the Navy what I did, what I didn’t do,” Woodward said. “And this Navy Intelligence, Haig and so forth, you know, I’d be more than happy to acknowledge it if it’s true. It just isn’t. Can you accept that?” Journalist Len Colodny, however, has produced audiotapes with Woodward’s own father, Al—speaking about Bob’s White House service. In September 1971, after one year of training at the Maryland-based Sentinel, Woodward was hired at the Washington Post. The Post itself is steeped in intelligence connections. The paper’s owner, the Graham family, were, as
noted in chapter 3, aficionados of the apparatus, good friends of top spies, and friends also of Prescott Bush. They even helped fund Poppy Bush’s earliest business venture. Editor Ben Bradlee was himself a Harvard graduate who, like Woodward, had spent time in naval intelligence during World War II.
When the Watergate burglary story broke, Bob Woodward got the assignment, The result was a front-page account revealing that E. Howard Hunt’s name appeared in the address book of one of the burglars and that a check signed by Hunt had been found in the pocket of another burglar, who was Cuban. It went further: Hunt, Woodward reported, worked as a consultant to White House counsel Charles Colson. Thus, Woodward played a key role in tying the burglars to Nixon.
Woodward would later explain in All the President’s Men that to find out more about Hunt, he had “called an old friend and sometimes source who worked for the federal government.” Thus began Woodward’s relationship with Deep Throat, that mysterious anonymous source who, Woodward would later report, served in the executive branch of government and had access to information in the White House.
Based on tips from Deep Throat, Woodward and Bernstein began to “follow the money,” writing stories in September and October 1972 on a political “slush fund.” One story reported that the fund had financed the bugging of the Democratic Party’s Watergate headquarters as well as other intelligence-gathering activities. While Nixon coasted to a landslide victory over the liberal Democrat George McGovern, the story seemed to go on hiatus. But just briefly.
If someone did want to undermine the president from outside the White House, he couldn’t have found a better perch than the chairmanship of the Republican Party. Right after the election, George H.W. Bush, or Poppy Bush, utilizing his pull with Nixon, had persuaded the president to bring him back from his cushy U.N. post and install him at the Republican National Committee. This put him at the very epicenter of the nationwide Republican elite that would ultimately determine whether Nixon would stay or go. Here was a man closely connected to the CIA, as we have seen, now both running the Republican Party and sitting in on cabinet deliberations. An intelligence officer couldn’t have asked for a better perch. Moreover, this put him in the catbird seat just as Watergate began heating up. Meanwhile, Poppy Bush and his team had already been in contact with John Dean.
By the spring of 1973, six defendants had been sentenced in the DNC burglary, and the Watergate hearings were due to begin. There was now an opportunity for Nixon to put the whole Watergate affair behind him, without mortal damage to his presidency. Poppy Bush apparently agreed. Poppy went to see Nixon at the Oval Office. In his usual oblique way, ascribing his advice to others, he urged Nixon to send John Dean to testify.
BUSH: We’re getting hit a little bit, Mr. President. It’s building,
and the mail’s getting heavier.
NIXON: What do you think you can do about it? We’ve got hearings coming up. The hearings will make it worse.
BUSH: I was speaking with the executives at the Bull Elephants.
The guy said to me, why doesn’t the President send Dean? The disclosure is what they’re calling for.
NIXON: We are cooperating. They don’t want any cooperation.
They aren’t interested in getting the facts. They’re only interested
in political gain. I wish there were an answer to Watergate,
but I just don’t know any. I don’t know a damn thing
to do.
Immediately after Poppy tried to convince Nixon to send Dean to testify, Dean himself telephoned the president. Dean asked to urgently meet the following morning and carefully explained to Nixon that there were important details of which the president was unaware and that he would tell him about these things—but did not yet tell him:
DEAN: I think that one thing that we have to continue to do, and
particularly right now, is to examine the broadest, broadest implications of this whole thing, and, you know, maybe about thirty minutes of just my recitations to you of facts so that you operate from the same facts that everybody else has.
NIXON: Right.
DEAN: I don’t think—we have never really done that. It has been sort of bits and pieces. Just paint the whole picture for you, the soft spots, the potential problem areas.
In other words, Dean was admitting, nine months into the scandal, that he knew quite a bit about Watergate that he had never revealed to the president. Now Dean planned to clue him in.
Nixon then went on to pressure Dean to issue a statement to the cabinet explaining, in very general terms, the White House’s willingness to cooperate in any investigations. Without going into detail, Nixon wanted to publicly defend the innocence of White House officials whom he believed were innocent:
NIXON: I just want a general—
DEAN: An all-around statement.
NIXON: That’s right. Try just something general. Like “I have
checked into this matter; I can categorically, based on my investigation, the following: Haldeman is not involved in this, that
and the other thing. Mr. Colson did not do this; Mr. So- and- so
did not do this. Mr. Blank did not do this.” Right down the line,
taking the most glaring things. If there are any further questions,
please let me know. See?
DEAN: Uh huh, I think we can do that.
But Dean didn’t intend to “do that.” He was seemingly waiting for the right moment to create the right effect—and that moment would not come until he had jumped the wall to the other side and become the key witness for the prosecution.
On the morning of March 21, Nixon’s White House counsel John Dean stepped into the Oval Office and proceeded to deliver a speech that would make Dean famous for the rest of his life. He would dramatically warn the president of a “cancer on the presidency” soon to become inoperable. This speech, which would shortly become Dean’s principal evidence against
Nixon, may have been carefully calculated based on Dean’s awareness that the conversations were being taped.
In fact, for this dramatic moment, Dean had begun performing dress rehearsals some eight days earlier. This is borne out by earlier taped conversations—ones whose very existence has been largely suppressed in published accounts. In these earlier tapes, we hear Dean beginning to tell Nixon about White House knowledge related to Watergate. In one unpublicized taped conversation, from March 13, Dean told Nixon that Haldeman’s aide Gordon Strachan had foreknowledge of the break-in, was already lying about it in interviews, and would continue to do so before a grand jury. The Watergate prosecutors, for whom Dean was a crucial witness, had the March 13 tape, but did not enter it into evidence.
DEAN: Well, Chapin didn’t know anything about the Watergate, and—
NIXON: You don’t think so?
DEAN: No. Absolutely not.
NIXON: Did Strachan?
DEAN: Yes.
NIXON: He knew?
DEAN: Yes.
NIXON: About the Watergate?
DEAN: Yes.
NIXON: Well, then, Bob knew. He probably told Bob, then. He may
not have. He may not have.
DEAN: He was, he was judicious in what he, in what he relayed,
and, uh, but Strachan is as tough as nails. I—
NIXON: What’ll he say? Just go in and say he didn’t know?
DEAN: He’ll go in and stonewall it and say, “I don’t know anything about what you are talking about.” He has already done it twice, as you know, in interviews.
On March 29, barely nine days after he had met with Nixon and recommended having Dean testify, Poppy called the White House with an even more urgent request. As recounted in Haldeman’s diaries, the purpose of Bush’s call was to get the president to start talking about Watergate publicly:
"George Bush just called. This is the most urgent request he has ever made of the President. This is an outgrowth of conversations he’s had with Gerry Ford and Bryce Harlow. He doesn’t necessarily have solutions but feels that this political advice is of the utmost urgency."
Poppy Bush was almost frantic to get Nixon’s ear—again claiming to be carrying input from influential Republicans. And his message was always the same: it’s urgent that you confess White House misdeeds. Meanwhile, John Dean took the step that would land him in the history books: he publicly switched sides.
Thanks to post-Watergate reporting by several journalists and authors— reporting that failed to gain wide circulation or was aggressively attacked by Dean and others with a vested interest in controlling the story—we now know the following:
• In November 1971, it was Dean who actually recruited two private eyes to do a walk-through of Watergate. Jack Caulfield, a former New York City cop, relayed the order to Tony Ulasewicz, who had worked for Nixon in the past. “Dean wants you to check out the offices of the DNC.” Ulasewicz complied and simply walked through the offices as a visitor, casing out the location of desks, who sat where, and any other useful information.
• In January 1972, it was Dean who encouraged Liddy, counsel to the Committee to Re-Elect the President, to set up a “really first class intelligence operation,” which led to Operation Gemstone, an intricate plan consisting of several potential clandestine operations, each one named after a precious stone. These included eavesdropping on—and infiltration of—Democratic campaigns. Liddy recalls in his autobiography, Will, that it was Dean who “encouraged him to think bigger” because previous intelligence operations had been “inadequate.” Liddy, at Dean’s prodding, incorporated eavesdropping on—and infiltration of—Democratic campaigns.
• In April 1972, it was Dean—not Mitchell or Haldeman—who was reportedly the instigator of the break-in at the DNC. Dean ordered Jeb Magruder to ask Liddy: “Do you think you can get into Watergate?” Magruder belatedly admitted this to reporters Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin: “The first plan [ for a break-in] had been initiated by Dean,” he told them.
• In June 1972, according to an account offered by Robert F. Bennett— E. Howard Hunt’s boss at the CIA front Mullen Company and himself later a U.S. senator—it was Dean who offered Hunt hush money during the Watergate cover-up. Nowhere in the literature of Watergate has it been suggested that President Nixon knew anything about such an offer by Dean to Hunt so early in the game.
On June 23, 1972, Dean prompted what became the key evidence of a “cover-up” by Nixon: the so-called smoking gun tape. Dean told Haldeman that money found on one of the burglars had been traced to a Mexican-Texan money trail and “our problem now is to stop the FBI from opening up a whole lot of other things.” In other words, Dean convinced Haldeman to discuss the cessation of an investigation, a piece of lawyerly advice that would become part of Haldeman and Nixon’s infamous smoking gun conversation leading to charges of obstruction of justice and cover-up.
Ironically, if anyone was blocking (and monitoring) the investigation, it was John Dean. When FBI director Pat Gray refused to curtail his investigation into the money trail, Dean insisted on sitting in on every one of the FBI’s witness interviews of White House staff. Gray, in his memoirs, concluded that Dean was central to “hatching the plot that would eventually drive Nixon from office.”
Carefully reviewing the accumulated facts, it appears that Poppy Bush and John Dean were not serving Richard Nixon’s interests at all. Far from advising the president and advancing his interests, they appear to have been skillfully engineering a series of crucial events whose only outcome could be devastating for Nixon—and then audaciously urged him to take responsibility for those very events.
Less than two weeks after Richard Nixon left Washington in disgrace, and Gerald R. Ford took the oath of office, Bush was “offered” a job by President Ford at the other end of the world. And not a bad job. Poppy was to be the United States’ envoy to the People’s Republic of China, a significant posting in the aftermath of Nixon’s diplomatic breakthrough with the Communist country. Once again, Bush seemed an improbable choice. But shipping Poppy seven thousand miles away made a different kind of sense. With this move, Ford had effectively put Bush outside both domestic politics and the reach of congressional investigators. So important did this piece of business seem to be that Ford took care of it even before he got around to his most famous act: pardoning Nixon.
When Bush tried to arrange a visit with Nixon to personally convince him to resign, Nixon refused to see him. “The President simply cannot bring himself to talk to people outside of a tiny, tiny circle and this has brought him to his knees,” said Haig.
In the midst of all this upheaval, Poppy Bush could barely contain his excitement, writing in his diary as if he was in the final stages of his own covert operation. “Suspense mounting again. Deep down inside I think maybe it should work this time. I have that inner feeling that it will finally abort.”
Meanwhile, Deep Throat was finally revealed to have been concocted for purposes of making All the President’s Men a snappier read. “Mark Felt at the FBI was an invaluable source but he was not Deep Throat—there was no Deep Throat.” Indeed, the vast majority of Americans never learned either the key facts about Woodward or of these statements from insiders about the fictitious or composite nature of Deep Throat.
As Hillary Clinton's lies about facing sniper fire in Bosnia came to light, one question that arose was whether she has engaged in a pattern of lying. The general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, who supervised Hillary when she worked on the Watergate investigation, that took down President Nixon, says Hillary is a pathological liar.
Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. Hillary got a job working on the investigation through her former law professor, Burke Marshall, who was also Senator Ted Kennedy’s chief counsel in the Chappaquiddick affair. When the investigation was over, Zeifman refused to give her a letter of recommendation, one of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman’s 17-year career.
“Because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”
Zeifman said she was one of several individuals including Marshall, special counsel John Doar and senior associate special counsel (and future Clinton White House Counsel) Bernard Nussbaum who engaged in a scheme to deny Richard Nixon the right to counsel during the investigation.
Why would they want to do that? Because, according to Zeifman, they feared putting Watergate break-in mastermind E. Howard Hunt on the stand to be cross-examined by counsel to the president. Hunt, Zeifman said, had the goods on nefarious activities in the Kennedy Administration that would have made Watergate look like a day at the beach including Kennedy’s purported complicity in the attempted assassination of Fidel Castro.
The actions of Hillary and her cohorts went directly against the judgment of top Democrats, up to and including then-House Majority Leader Tip O’Neill, that Nixon clearly had the right to counsel. Zeifman says that Hillary, along with Marshall, Nussbaum and Doar, was determined to gain enough votes on the Judiciary Committee to change House rules and deny counsel to Nixon. And in order to pull this off, Zeifman says Hillary wrote a fraudulent legal brief, and confiscated public documents to hide her deception.
The brief involved precedent for representation by counsel during an impeachment proceeding. When Hillary endeavored to write a legal brief arguing there is no right to representation by counsel during an impeachment proceeding, Zeifman says, he told Hillary about the case of Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, who faced an impeachment attempt in 1970.
“As soon as the impeachment resolutions were introduced by House Minority Leader Gerald Ford, and they were referred to the House Judiciary Committee, the first thing Douglas did was hire himself a lawyer,” Zeifman said.
The Judiciary Committee allowed Douglas to keep counsel, thus establishing the precedent. Zeifman says he told Hillary that all the documents establishing this fact were in the Judiciary Committee’s public files.
So what did Hillary do?
“Hillary then removed all the Douglas files to the offices where she was located, which at that time was secured and inaccessible to the public,” Zeifman said. Hillary then proceeded to write a legal brief arguing there was no precedent for the right to representation by counsel during an impeachment proceeding … as if the Douglas case had never occurred.
The brief was so fraudulent and ridiculous, Zeifman believes Hillary would have been disbarred if she had submitted it to a judge.
Of course, Nixon’s resignation rendered the entire issue moot, ending Hillary’s career on the Judiciary Committee staff in a most undistinguished manner. Zeifman says he was urged by top committee members to keep a diary of everything that was happening. He did so, and still has the diary if anyone wants to check the veracity of his story. Certainly, he could not have known in 1974 that diary entries about a young lawyer named Hillary Rodham would be of interest to anyone 34 years later.
But they show that the pattern of lies, deceit, fabrications and unethical behavior was established long ago – long before the Bosnia lie, and indeed, even before cattle futures, Travelgate and Whitewater – for the woman who is still upset we didn't make her President of the United States.
The FBI informant who illegally spied on the Trump campaign for Obama was Stefan Halper, who oversaw a CIA spying operation for George H.W. Bush in the 1980 Presidential election. Halper is an old George H.W. Bush CIA "dirty tricks" guy. Figures. Halper was working with the bipartisan swamp creatures and the FBI/CIA to take down Trump. He was paid nearly $300,000 by the Obama administration & is believed to have been placed there by Obama, Clapper & Brennan. Halper has allegedly been paid $1.5 million by the US Government since 2013 for services rendered.
Four decades ago, Halper was responsible for a long-forgotten spying scandal involving the 1980 election, under the direction of former CIA Director and then-Vice-Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush. He got caught running a spying operation from inside the Carter administration. It's been forgotten that there was a big controversy in 1980 because the CIA was so openly agitating to get its former director, George H.W. Bush, into the Oval Office. That was led by Stefan Halper's father-in-law, top CIA official Ray Cline, who put Halper on Bush's campaign.
The plot involved CIA operatives passing classified information about Carter’s foreign policy to Bush to ensure he knew of any foreign policy decisions that Carter was considering. Halper, through his CIA work, has extensive ties to the Bush family. Few remember that the CIA’s perceived meddling in the 1980 election – its open support for its former Director, George H.W. Bush to become President – was a somewhat serious political controversy. And Halper was in that middle of that, too.
HW Bush is the same guy who took down Nixon with help from John Dean, the FBI, Hillary Clinton, the CIA and the Washington Post. HW Bush also worked with LBJ and the CIA to take down JFK. Halper worked with HW Bush at the CIA during the Cuban Missile Crisis. This is why I despise the Bush-Clinton crime cartel.
Golda Meir was best known as the fourth Prime Minister of Israel, from 1969-1974, and the first and only woman to hold the title. She was an Israeli teacher, kibbutznik, stateswoman, politician and described as the "Iron Lady" of Israeli politics back then. She was often portrayed as the "strong-willed, straight-talking, grey-bunned grandmother of the Jewish people".
This is her story:
Golda Meir was born Goldie Mabovitch in Kiev, Russia on May 3, 1898, the daughter of Moshe and Bluma Mabovitch. Her father boarded up the house during the 1905 Kiev pogrom where mobs killed over 100 Jews. That year, the family fled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Millions of Jews have been forced to migrate over the past 2,000 years to escape persecution and death. The most persecuted people in WORLD HISTORY.
In 1916-17, Golda Mabovitch attended Milwaukee Normal School (now the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) over the objections of her parents, who wanted her to get married rather than pursue a profession. She did both, attaining a teaching certificate and marrying Morris Meyerson.
In 1921, Golda and Morris Meyerson immigrated to Palestine and joined the Merhavia kibbutz, a communal settlement. In 1924, the couple moved to Jerusalem and soon had a son, Menachem, and a daughter, Sarah. Golda intensified her political activity by representing the Histadrut Trade Union and serving as a delegate to the World Zionist Organization.
Before World War II, much of the Middle East was under the control of France and Great Britain, as prescribed by the secret Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 (officially termed the 1916 Asia Minor Agreement).
British officials made promises to establish a Jewish homeland, but this never materialized and the matter was left for the next generation. The British White Paper of 1939 only called for a Jewish homeland, not a Jewish state, and it allowed Arab officials to determine the rate of Jewish immigration. During the war, Golda Meir emerged as a powerful spokesperson for the Zionist movement and fought hard against the policy, pleading that increased Jewish immigration was crucial in light of the persecution by the German Nazi regime.
The British intensified their enforcement of the White Paper policy by arresting many Jewish activists and illegal immigrants. When Moshe Shertok-Sharett was arrested, Golda Meir replaced him as chief liaison with the British. She worked to free him and many Jewish war refugees who had violated the British immigration policy. Meir later organized fundraising events in the United States for an Israeli independent state.
In 1948, Israel declared its independence and Golda Meir was one of the signers of Israel’s declaration. That same year, she was appointed minister to Moscow, but when hostilities broke out between Arab countries and Israel, she returned and was elected to the Israeli Parliament. Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion sent Meir on a secret mission, disguised as an Arab, to plead with King Abdullah I not to enter in a war against Israel. He declined and the conflict expanded to include the nations of Egypt, Transjordan, Iraq and Syria against Israel.
Hostilities ended with an armistice that preserved Israeli independence and increased its size by 50 percent. Golda Meir served as minister of labor and worked to solve Israel’s housing and employment problems by implementing major residential and infrastructure construction projects. In 1956, she was appointed foreign minister and helped establish relations with emerging African countries and strengthened ties with the United States and Latin America.
At age 68, Golda Meir wanted to retire from public life. She was tired and ill but members of the Mapai political party encouraged her to serve as the party’s secretary general. Over the next two years, she helped merge her party and two dissident political parties into the Israel Labor Party. Following the death of Prime Minister Levi Eshkol in 1969, she put off retirement again and agreed to serve out the remainder of his term. That same year, her party won the elections, giving her a four-year term as prime minister. During her tenure, she gained economic and military aid from U.S. President Richard Nixon, which helped her open peace talks with the United Arab Republic in hopes of ending hostilities.
During the relative period of peace between the 1967 and 1973 Arab-Israeli wars, Golda Meir straddled the line between radicals who wanted to settle the captured territory of the 1967 war (which she supported) and proposals by moderates who favored giving up land claims in exchange for peace. The debate ended with the outbreak of the Arab-Israeli war on October 6, 1973, which is also known as the Yom Kippur War. Syrian forces had been massing along the Golan Heights. Concerned that a preemptive strike would bring condemnation by international supporters, especially the United States, Meir prepared for a defensive war. Syrian forces attacked from the north and Egypt attacked from the west. After three weeks, Israel was victorious and had gained more Arab land. Golda Meir formed a new coalition government but resigned on April 10, 1974, exhausted and willing to let others lead. She was succeeded by Yitzhak Rabin.
Though she remained an important political figure, Golda Meir retired for good and published her autobiography, My Life, in 1975. On December 8, 1978, Meir died in Jerusalem at the age of 80. It was revealed that she suffered from leukemia. She was buried on December 12, 1978 at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.Image result for john dean nixon