Thursday, November 1, 2018


Two Muslim women were found dead, wearing black leggings and fur-trimmed jackets, facing each other and bound together at their feet and waists by duct tape, drowned in the Hudson River. They were not wearing Hijabs.
The authorities say their death is a mystery! Yeah, another mystery, just like the two dead Somali women just found drowned in Minnesota who were plotting to run away. Where the HELL is Linda Sarsour and the phony MeToo crowd when you really need them to protect women?
Rotana Farea, 22, and Tala Farea, 16, were Saudi citizens but had come to Virginia with their mother in 2015.
The sisters had run away before, at least twice, and had recently sought political asylum in the U.S. Police in New York said the mother, whom they did not identify, also reported her daughters missing last year. When the local police located the sisters, they asked for protection and were placed in a shelter, the police said.
Rotana Farea had been living in New York, while her mother and younger sister remained in Virginia. The mother had reported Tala missing two months ago, but then called off the search when she discovered the girl has run off to stay with her older sister.
Earlier this year, Rotana Farea was living in a fifth-floor apartment in a luxury complex on the edge of an outdoor mall in Fairfax Corner, Va., a suburban neighborhood about a 30-minute drive from Washington, a leasing agent there said. Ms. Farea moved out in July.
In late August, Tala Farea was again reported missing to the Fairfax County authorities, who distributed a missing-person poster online. The poster said she might be with her sister Rotana. In October, someone again reported the sisters missing in Virginia, the police in New York said. The sisters were in contact with their mother until about a week ago. Police say the mother told them her daughters were traveling with their brother in Washington, D.C.
Hmm. Whatever do you think happened, folks? Did their brother fly over to "handle" the situation? This is what happens when Muslim women dare to leave the faith and shame the family. They are killed. WAKE UP AMERICA.