Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Minnesota, remember the daycare fraud investigation from Fox 9 that revealed suitcases full of cash were leaving the Minneapolis airport for North Africa and the Middle East? Many wondered just how the daycare fraud is perpetrated. Here's what I learned:
1) The so-called "working" parents will apply for daycare assistance for each child. That amounts to a benefit of roughly $1,000 per month, per child. That means a family with 4 children will receive a daycare benefit of $4,000 per month or $48,000 per year, paid for by Minnesota taxpayers.
2) Another "community" member will open a daycare facility. They will hire the MOTHER of the 4 children as an "employee."
3) The mother will work at the daycare facility for minimum wage for a maximum of 25 hours per week caring for HER OWN CHILDREN so that she can prove she is "working" and qualifies for daycare assistance.
4) The daycare facility will bill the state $4,000 a month for caring for her 4 children - and pay the mother $400 a month in income for caring for HER OWN CHILDREN - and pocket the rest. Often, much of that money will be sent back to their country of origin. Some critics believe the parents receive additional kick-backs for their participation. Or, sometimes, there aren't ANY children AT ALL...the facility is empty...and the state is billed for non-existent children.
5) Because the mother works only 25 hours a week, she is still entitled to free healthcare through Medicaid or ObamaCare, free food stamps, cash assistance, daycare assistance and subsidized housing for up to 10 years. Meanwhile, Minnesota-born citizens wait in line.
6) The daycare facility will often build a kitchen and call it a "restaurant" and hire workers (mothers of more children who receive free daycare) to feed all the families.
7) The daycare facilities are not open to "everybody" and are often full.
8) If the family has subsidized housing, the low wage she is being paid at the "daycare" facility will ensure they are qualified to continue to receive subsidized housing or Section 8 FOREVER.
9) New refugees are trained in on the scheme when they arrive and are taught how to manipulate and maximize the system. This is an international scam - which has been going on in Australia and the UK for over a decade. Minnesota spends $13 billion on welfare benefits every year, and some $250 million of that is just on daycare assistance alone.
10) Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison, as well as the Democrat and Republican leadership in Minnesota, are ALL complicit in the scheme. Lawmakers refuse to investigate and avert their eyes. Left unchecked, welfare fraud will bankrupt Minnesota.
BTW, IT'S NOT JUST DAYCARE FRAUD. Foodstamp, PCA and housing fraud too. Here's some more truth about refugee housing privilege in Minnesota:
Refugee public housing residents in Minneapolis will no longer need to pay their normal monthly rent when they travel to their homelands. Instead, they will pay only $75 per month to hold their public housing units for their return. Meanwhile, native-born, low-income Minnesotans, who are on waiting lists for public housing, will just have to wait.
Abdi Warsame, a City Council member, who was born in Somalia and trained in London, told the board that refugees having to pay rent when they want to save to travel to their homelands is an unfair burden. Refugees receive federal Supplemental Security Income, which is halted when they leave the United States. The most common reasons for their travel abroad include visiting families left behind or participating in the hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca that Muslims are expected to make at least once.
The Minneapolis Housing Agency board now has two members from the refugee community: Mohamud Tamir and Abdullahi Isse. Wait a minute. I thought refugees were fleeing persecution. Why would they want to vacation in their homelands and how can they afford a $3,000 flight home?
Here's what a Facebook friend who worked for the Minneapolis Public Housing authority says:
"Taxpayers are paying for it in a way. The refugees often have decent paying jobs, enough so that they paid maximum public housing rent of $500 or thereabouts. Once they reached maximum rent they could stay as long as they liked and make even more money and their rent was capped at $500. So they occupy what is supposed to be low income housing, their rent is not market rate, they are taking an apartment away from a true low income family that needs it and we subsidize it (and then they get to pay $75 a month to hold that unit for them when they leave the country.) Saw it with my own eyes."
Nice huh? Come here to Minnesota as a "refugee" from another country and you get rent capped at $500, you can live there forever and then pay $75 a month to keep your unit while you fly home to visit relatives, in the country you had to flee because of "so-called persecution," on $3,000 flights. Minnesota - how did we become so stupid?

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  1. just another set up and scam in Minneapolis---I am not shocked
    to read this--Ellison, Omar and the MOB need to be booted!!