Tuesday, February 12, 2019

FRAUD: Iowa Democrats want a "virtual caucus" to run for 5 days by phone.

SWAMP FRAUD: Iowa Democrats want a "virtual caucus" to run for 5 days, by smartphone or phone app, to pick the Democrat 2020 Presidential nominee, prior to the "real" caucus. That way they can pick whoever they want without consulting the people.
Iowa Democrats can vote by phone and by smartphone app in the new "virtual caucus" to select the party's nominee for President of the United States. The Iowa Caucuses are scheduled to take place on Monday, February 3, 2020. Virtual caucuses will take place every night beginning January 29 up to February 3.
The virtual caucus will essentially serve as an additional county in each congressional district in Iowa, and will represent 10% of each district's representation at the state convention. Users of the virtual caucus will be able to select their top 5 preferences for President, choose whether they want to put forth their name as a possible delegate, and submit platform proposals to be adopted by the party.
The traditional caucus format will continue largely in tact, but those who sign up for the virtual caucus will not be allowed to participate in the precinct format to prevent any double voting.  Iowa Democrats are also creating a system in both the virtual and precinct caucuses to allow a paper trail if needed. This is to allow candidates to request a recount within 72 hours if they believe a change could impact the number of delegates each candidates receives.
All of these changes are pending public comment which will last for 30 days. In March, the state party will finalize their plans and submit them to the DNC for approval. 

Virtual Caucusing

Over the course of six days, registered Democrats who have signed up with the Iowa Democratic Party will be able to participate in one of six virtual caucuses by phone or smart device. Virtual caucus-goers will be able to rank up to five choices for president. The total result of the six caucuses will account for 10% of Iowa’s caucus delegates.

Streamlined Realignment

Under the IDP proposal, only members of non-viable groups will be allowed to realign in their precinct caucuses. For viable preference groups, their first alignment numbers will be locked and can only increase if members of non-viable groups choose to join.


Presidential campaigns will be able to ask for a recount of the caucus results either by congressional district or statewide if they can show that the result could affect the allocation of delegates to the national convention. To aid in this effort, presidential preference cards will be used to record what happens in each precinct caucus, while virtual caucus preferences will be recorded electronically and preserved.

Caucus Night Results are Locked

The allocation of national delegates will now be determined by the results on caucus night, not as a result of the convention process.
More Information Released: The IDP plans to release the raw totals from the first alignment, final alignment and the state delegate equivalents earned by each presidential preference group. State delegate equivalents will be used to determine the allocation of national delegates.