Friday, February 8, 2019


MUST READ: An important post from a mother, a Christian and a Facebook friend:
"I hear so many of us afraid for our kids. But, I want to ask all you mothers out there -- how many of you have taken your kids out of public school? We cannot change America if we continue to let the state indoctrinate our children. 70% of Christian children leave the church after high school. 70%!
To think your kids will escape the indoctrination is statistically improbable. The state has our kids 40+ hours a week. The state has them more than we do. Their peers have them more than we do. Hollywood has them more than we do. The TV has them more than we do. The internet and gaming systems have re-wired their brains created ADHD in almost every child.
I URGE ALL OF YOU. Take your kids out of the public school systems. They are being taught secular humanism, sexual immorality, and given free birth control without parental consent. They are being sexually assaulted and being pressured into sex as young as 10 years old. They are exposed to porn around the age of nine.
If we love our kids, we will take them away from the enemy. We are literally leading our children to the slaughter when we drop them off at the bus stop every day.
This would have a two-fold effect. First, kids would stop being indoctrinated, and secondly, the public school systems would go broke as they would stop getting federal money for every one of those kids. And maybe, just maybe we could save the next generation from socialism. That is my daily soapbox, I am out!"
BTW, the same holds true for liberal colleges. Your child will most likely be permanently indoctrinated into Communism if you allow them to attend a modern-day liberal college. They will emerge questioning their faith, their parents, their gender, their heritage and their country. STOP SENDING THEM.