Tuesday, February 12, 2019


MASS CENSORSHIP: In preparation for 2020, Twitter started blocking conservatives enmasse in the past few days and now require a phone number to reinstate your account. Facebook is doing the same thing.
Then, after you are forced to give them your phone number to reinstate your account -- they do not text you with a confirmation code, like they used to do. They call you from a automated "restricted" number - so it is untraceable and you can't make a screenshot of the request or the process or the source. All part of the plan to censor and mute us all with no paper trail.
Or they make you provide a new photo of yourself and then they "decide" if it's really you. If not, your account is permanently disabled. What if you currently don't use a picture on your profile? Too bad. You're done. But now they have your current photo and phone number.
Then, they can sell our images, names, profiles, emails and phone numbers to the resistance to target us for harassment and takedown.
Now you know the rest of the story. Pass it on. Educate your friends. Because it's coming our way.