Tuesday, April 10, 2018

$130,000 For Stormy Doesn't Make Sense

Here's what's been bothering me for months about the Stormy Daniels "scandal."
So, after 11 years of trying to peddle her story, of a one-night stand with Trump in 2005, to every media outlet in town, Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen, in 2016, pays her $130,000 and asks her to sign a non-disclosure agreement a week before the election? She signs it, takes the money, and signs a statement in January 2018 that she never slept with Trump at all...just like she had done 5 times before. Then she gets a new attorney in February 2018, Rahm Emanuel's and Biden's attorney, and she suddenly claims she slept with Trump, again.
First of all, $130,000? If this was truly a bombshell story against Trump, wouldn't she have commanded much more than $130,000? Wouldn't Hillary's minions have paid her more than that to TELL HER STORY TO THE WORLD a week before the election? The same way they paid other Trump accusers back then?
Something doesn't make sense here.

For more on Stormy's past, read: https://unfakenews9856.blogspot.com/2018/03/heres-mug-shot-and-article-about-stormy.html

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