Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Truth About the Caravans. Mexico's Rejects.

WOW. Here's the truth about the "caravans" that the media didn't report.
“Most of these are people from Honduras and El Salvador who have waited a year or more for asylum in Mexico and the majority have been rejected. Mexico's asylum system is demoralizing and exhausting. After Mexico rejects them, the next step is to go to the U.S., and the safest, most organized way to do that is through the caravans.”
The caravans are referred to in Spanish as Via Crucis Migrantes, or Migrants' Way of the Cross. They are fashioned after the Stations of the Cross processions celebrated by Latin American and Latino Catholics to mark and "re-enact" the final days of Jesus from prosecution to his burial in a tomb. In such processions, someone plays Christ carrying a wooden cross and people from the congregation or community follow him.

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