Friday, April 6, 2018

Trump Was Right Again. 80% of Caravan Women Are Raped in Mexico.

Turns out President Trump was right again. Remember when he said Mexico is NOT sending their best to America...just their criminals, drug dealers and rapists? Remember he was vilified by the media for speaking the truth? Even according to the far left Huffington Post, 80% of the women from Central America in those caravans are raped while crossing through Mexico.
Trump was right. 80% of these women are raped by guides, fellow migrants, bandits or government officials. Sometimes sex is used as a form of payment, when women and girls don’t have money to pay bribes. Rape is so common that many women and girls take contraceptives beforehand to prevent pregnancy. Most never report it because of the stigma and fears of being sent home.
"Remember my opening remarks at Trump tower when I announced my candidancy? Everybody said, oh, he was so tough. I used the word rape. Yesterday it came out that on this caravan women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before."
These females are often raped immediately upon making it to their first stop once they arrive in a Mexican stash house from Guatemala. They then are shipped to the U.S.-Mexico border, usually to Reynosa, Mexico, immediately south of McAllen, Texas. In the process of making it from the first stash house to the second, the women and young girls are often sexually assaulted or raped again by the smuggler–or group of smugglers–taking them between the two locations. The sexual assaults and rapes then often happen again in the second Mexican stash house of their journey.
They are then trickled into the U.S. across the porous border and brought to a third stash house in a U.S. border town, usually in or near McAllen, Texas. They are often sexually assaulted or raped again by the operator of the stash house, if they are deemed attractive by the criminals operating the clandestine facility. They are stockpiled until the cartel wants to send a large load of narcotics across the Rio Grande. The cartel then sends a large load of humans across in one area and then a drug load across in another.
Once the human beings are in Texas, another smuggler then picks up the women and young girls and drives them with a coyote to a point along Highway 281 just before the Border patrol checkpoint immediately south of Falfurrias, Texas. The checkpoint is approximately 85 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border.
The women and young girls exit the vehicle with their coyote and attempt to make their way around the checkpoint. Most of the apprehended illegal migrants say they were told it would be a 30-minute hike and that they were given a gallon of water for their trip. The reality is that the hike usually takes 3-4 days. It is common for the coyote to sexually assault or rape the females on this stretch of the journey as well. These coyotes usually remove an article of clothing from the female they rape and they tie it tightly to a tree—a rape tree.

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