Thursday, April 26, 2018

No MeWe for Me!

Why does everybody want me to give up over 12,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter and go to MeWe, a social media site run by a liberal, California, Huffington Post blogger, acclaimed in Socialist Canada, with a name that rhymes with Pee-wee?
MeWe was picked as a "company to watch" in the 2018 FTI Tech Trends Report (propaganda.) The founder has served as a Steering Committee Member of National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) and been named Privacy by Design Ambassador by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada. Canada? He has been interviewed on CNN International, Fox News, ABC, and radio stations around the world. Mark is a Huffington Post technology blogger and has been published in liberal media like The Nation, The Daily Mirror (UK), USA Today and other publications. He lives in Los Angeles.
It's another divide and conquer, bait and switch ploy to splinter conservatives before mid-terms and 2020. Do not fall for it. Facebook and Twitter have problems but the censorship is finally documented and being outed and there is a huge installed base of conservatives to share with and debate. Going to MeWe in "defiance" will accomplish nothing. In fact, it will hurt our cause. Stay here and fight until we have a viable alternative to migrate to.

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