Sunday, September 23, 2018

500 Unvetted Seasonal Workers at Valley Fair

Here's more of the story about the Valley Fair 'riot" that broke out last night they AREN'T TELLING YOU. 
Valley Fair Amusement Park in Shakopee, Minnesota was evacuated and closed early after police were called due to a "several fights" involving 50+ people who were fighting, running and hiding. Scanner traffic indicated a chaotic scene, with Highway 101 closed off and a helicopter lighting up the parking lot amid reports of stampeding crowds spilling out to the surrounding area. Witnesses reported 14 police cars, dogs, officers with long guns, gun shots, knife fights, fire trucks and an ambulance.
Did you know that near by Valley Fair there is a facility that supplies "seasonal workers" for Valley Fair and one of the "seasonal workers" was a registered sex offender who RAPED a Valley Fair employee last month? Where are the "rioters" coming from? Maybe from all these unvetted seasonal workers that Valley Fair and other firms bring in. Valley Fair hired 500 unvetted seasonal workers for this one event alone. 
Scott County prosecutors say 26-year-old Austin Jeffrey Jones used force in wrapping a belt around a Valley Fair employee's neck and tightening it as he sexually assaulted her in the early morning hours of Aug. 7. Her body was covered in dirt and grass, and her skin was scratched in a number of places. She was transported to a local hospital for treatment and a sexual assault test.
Scott County deputies responded to the SCALE Law Enforcement Training Center on Valley View Drive in Jordan, which Valley Fair spokesperson Kelsey Bailey confirms also supplies housing for seasonal workers at the amusement park. What other seasonal workers have they not vetted?
About a mile from the crime scene, Mdewakanton Fire personnel found a Dodge Durango with Austin Jones slumped over in the back. A records check showed he is a registered sex offender who was not in compliance with his parole officer. The clothing he was wearing matched the description given by the sexual assault victim.
Jones was unable to explain where he had been earlier when the assault took place. Deputies noticed scratches on his shoulder as he was being booked, and DNA samples taken from the belt around the victim's neck were a match with Jones' profile.