Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Minnesota - The Progressive Welfare State

The Commie Minneapolis Star Tribune is glorifying the growth of the homeless tent camp in South Minneapolis on Hiawatha Avenue. The camp is soaked in urine and littered with needles, disease, feces and rats. What fools. In three months, those families will freeze to death. What will they say then?
BTW, the camp sprung up OVERNIGHT in Keith Ellison's and Ilhan Omar's district and TRIPLED in size in 30 days. Are they paying these people to come here to vote in mid-terms? That's what they do in California and Washington State.

Minnesota, is this what you hoped and dreamed our so-called "forward-thinking progressive" leadership would do to our city? Build another progressive socialist welfare hell-hole like Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and Baltimore? This is the homeless camp on the new LIGHT RAIL in South Minneapolis on Hiawatha Avenue. They didn't build the train for middle-class working Americans. They built it for the addicts and homeless and criminal aliens and "refugees" who will take over our state and provide Democrats with a never-ending stream of voters. Be careful what you wish for.