Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Nigerian Parents Starve Child To Death

Kehinde & Titilayno Omosebi starved their children for 45 days, an 11 year old boy and 15 year old boy, near Baraboo, Wisconsin. The 15 year old starved to death. Why? The father said it was a religious fast “to receive God’s blessing” to move to Atlanta. What religion would that be? They were originally from Nigeria. The family previously had lived in Missouri and Iowa.
The FATHER WALKED TO THE POLICE STATION TO TELL THEM HIS SON WAS DEAD. The police found a letter inside the home written by the 11 year old brother addressed to the "Lawyers of Sauk County," saying, "If I don't get food now, I'll probably die of hunger. The hunger is too much, please help me now so I may eat. I can't continue in such a life with no food." They also found the emaciated body of 15-year-old Ayanfe O. Omosebi who died of starvation after 40 days of fasting. The mother was also emaciated and starving but refused food.
What investigators couldn't find inside the home was any food, bedding, furniture or decorations and it was padlocked from the inside. The power was turned off. The father claimed to be a Minister but police say he made that up. Omosebi had worked at a local iron foundry, Grede Foundries, but had been unemployed since February. Most likely unemployable and unable to care for his family. This is what happens when we bring over families ill equipped to live in the developed world in the name of compassion.