Thursday, September 20, 2018

LeBron Takes Hollywood By Storm

LeBron James says Serena's loss to Naomi was a slap in the face because Serena IS FIGHTING FOR EQUALITY:
"What she was fighting for is bigger than just that match. She is fighting for equality — always having to win more, more, more, just to feel equal. Being an African-American woman playing in a predominantly white sport, she's dealing with so much more. I feel her struggle."
Hmm. Let's see. Naomi Osaka is half-Japanese and half-Haitian and says her heritage has NOTHING to do with her performance. So, why are LeBron and Serena making this all about race and oppression? Here they are at a GUCCI cocktail party. See how oppressed they are? LeBron has mastered the "victim" mentality and loves to race-bait for profit. Right along with Colin Kaepernick. 

As LeBron James, or King James as he prefers, prepares to debut with the Lakers, he's taking Hollywood by storm with a dozen film and TV projects. He's leaving his $10 million home and his "foundation" in Akron, Ohio and moving to California where he has two $20 million, 16,000 square foot homes, that he purchased in 2015. One in Los Angeles and one in Brentwood. But, he says, his $154 million Lakers deal has not changed his social life: "I don't do the celebrity thing. I go train and I go home. Sometimes I'll take my wife to dinner." LOL. Right. My question is: Why is LeBron sporting a Jihadi beard? Is he a practicing Muslim along with his friend Colin Kaepernick and his Muslim activist girlfriend, Nessa Diab?