Thursday, September 6, 2018

MS-13 Loves Nike

Don't forget. MS-13, the most brutal gang in the world, wears blue and white Nike Cortez shoes. Now you know who Nike's target audience is. You know. The company that LeBron, Eminem and Kaepernick all love. 
The MS-13 gang from El Salvador, with 70,000 members mostly in California, New York, DC, Boston, New Jersey and Houston, is the world's most vicious gang. Their motto is "kill, rape, control," and they are known for gruesome ISIS-like tactics, including hacking and stabbing victims with machetes, even Latino children who refuse to join the gang.
Heavily tattooed and using it's own sign language, MS-13 is also known for wearing blue and white Nike Cortez shoes. American law enforcement often target MS-13 gang members by these identifying sneakers.