Saturday, September 1, 2018

Was The Bus Tape the Insurance Policy To Take Down Trump?

I still remember when NBC "suddenly found" that bus tape audio after 11 years, just one month before the 2016 election. The audio of Trump talking privately to NBC's Billy Bush on a bus, Jeb Bush and George W. Bush's cousin. The entire Bush family hated Trump and wanted to take him down.
I also remember Trump's first reaction to hearing the audio: "That doesn't sound like something I would say." What do I think? NBC engineers and the FBI faked the audio and Billy Bush, NBC's Today Show star, authenticated it to take down Trump. Billy Bush was the only one there with Trump. He is the nephew of former President and CIA Director George H.W. Bush. It was his word against Trump's. Daddy Bush is no stranger to taking down Presidents. He helped remove JFK and Nixon and tried to remove Reagan.
Was the bus tape the "insurance policy" released on October 7, 2016 to ensure Trump wouldn't win the election? Audio is easily faked. Paul Ryan, and the Never Trumpers, were waiting in the wings to push Trump aside. Trump had to accept responsibility or be accused of a cover up. What did Trump do? The only thing he could do. He did the only sensible thing and apologized for something he DIDN'T DO to win the election. IMHO.
A reminder that we just learned that NBC covered up for Harvey Weinstein and threatened to smear Ronan Farrow for reporting on his rapes. They will stop at nothing for the Deep State.