Monday, September 3, 2018

Colin and Nessa. Kneeling For Allah.

I just threw up in my mouth a little. Here's Colin Kaepernick's new ad for Nike. Kaepernick stands for nothing. Kaepernick sacrified nothing! Do you know why Colin really kneeled on the NFL field? To pray to Allah for his new girlfriend, Nessa Diab.
Nessa is a BLM activist with ties to George Soros, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. She was born to an Egyptian father and Middle Eastern mother, and had a Muslim upbringing. She also lived with her parents in Saudi Arabia during the 90's. She holds a BA in Mass Communication from the University of California, Berkeley where she sent Colin to take classes on WHITE PRIVILEGE and how to HATE WHITE PEOPLE before she instructed him to kneel down for Allah during the National Anthem for politics.
Simple as that. Another man conned by a siren. Do you smell the acrid stench of burning rubber in the air? That's millions of American patriots burning their old Nike shoes!