Tuesday, September 4, 2018

LeBron James Isn't All He Promised

You wouldn't know from all the glowing media coverage that LeBron James isn't actually paying for everything at his new I Promise school in Akron, Ohio. It's a public school in the Akron school district so taxpayers will pay for 80% of the costs for the first year and 100% of the cost after that. Funny how the media FORGETS TO MENTION THAT. 
LeBron's Foundation is only spending about $2 million for the school's FIRST year, including startup costs. The school district will cover the remaining $8 million per year after that. 
It's a district-owned building. The district will hire and pay the teachers and administration. Kids will ride district buses to school. And they will all eat the free breakfast and lunch the district gives all students. I Promise will eventually cost about $8 million a year to run out of the district's regular budget, covered mostly by shifting students, teachers and money from other schools, the district says.
"The coverage made it look like the whole thing is his," said district spokesman Mark Williamson. "Taxpayers should know it's their investment too."
The NBA superstar just signed with the Los Angeles Lakers for a four-year $154 million dollar deal. His $2 million investment is like a middle-class citizen giving $5 each week to the church collection plate. Meaningless. 

LeBron James hates Trump and was a huge Hillary supporter. He makes no secret of it and takes every opportunity to blast President Trump. Last February on ESPN, LeBron said: "Well, the climate is hot. The number-one job in America, the appointed person, is someone who doesn't understand the people. And Trump really don't give a f*** about the people. I never felt I could be the president of the United States, but I grabbed inspiration from that. And this time right now, with the president of the United States, it's at a bad time. And while we cannot change what comes out of that man's mouth, we can continue to alert the people that watch us, that listen to us, this is not the way."
LeBron James refers to Trump as the "so-called president" and "that guy" and the need to unify as a country without Trump. LeBron James supported Hillary Clinton and has been one of the most vocal NBA figures to denounce Trump.
LeBron James thinks he's going to run for President! President Trump thinks LeBron is dumb as a bag of rocks. So do I. Who does LeBron James idolize? The foul-mouthed Trump-hating racist white rapper Eminem and the anti-American, NFL kneeler for Allah, Colin Kaepernick. No wonder President Trump prefers Michael Jordan to LeBron.
Even legendary White Sox broadcaster Ken “Hawk” Harrelson took a shot at LeBron James while he was calling a game. Harrelson is tired of LeBron James talking about politics and social injustice.
“Well, I used to watch LeBron but no more. I wish these guys would keep their nose out of politics and just play because people didn’t come to hear their opinions on politicians.”