Saturday, September 8, 2018

Minnesota, what happened to diversity?

Minnesota, have you ever wondered why the once "diverse" Cedar Riverside community is now almost 100% occupied by East African Somali Muslim migrants? Why isn't Cedar Riverside multi-cultural or diverse any longer? I thought the left was all about "multi-culturalism" and "diversity." I asked someone who knows the answer:
"As East African immigrants moved in - the students, American blacks, elderly white, and the Koreans all moved out. The East Africans are difficult to live around. Why? The cooking smells bother many Americans. East Africans are also quite demanding and push their ways on others. Also, Somali blacks and American blacks don't get along with each other. The Somali gangs war with the Black gangs and the White gangs and the Latino gangs and the Native American gangs.
The same dynamic is well-known in Minnesota's prisons. The East Africans do not like American blacks and believe American blacks don't deserve to be called "African-American." They believe East Africans are the "real" African-Americans and are here in Minnesota to replace the American black.
In the public housing buildings, the maximum rent the East Africans must pay is $535.00 per month. The state takes 33% of their income and once they reach $535 their rent never goes higher - which is a disincentive to earn more. They can stay for as long as they want. They are also allowed to visit their Somali homeland, which costs upwards of $3,000 per flight, for up to three months at a time, and the housing is held for them, rent-free, at a $75/month charge."
What a deal, huh? Now you know the rest of the story. Am I a racist for reporting this truth?