Wednesday, September 26, 2018


UPDATE: The Geller Report confirmed all my reporting on Valleyfair and filled in some blanks.

KARE 11 did damage control for Valleyfair last night. They showed their true colors as a proud member of the fake news by eliminating critical information, obfuscating the truth and protecting Valleyfair and Somali gangsters over Minnesota's kids. They did a "fact checking" report on the 10pm News called: VERIFY. "What we know about the Valleyfair evacuation" after Valleyfair's attempt to bury the story failed and, IMHO, Valleyfair contacted KARE 11 to run interference:

Here's what KARE 11 reported, followed by the truth:

1) An evacuation at Valleyfair followed the Shakopee police receiving multiple reports of fights breaking out. The number of people running throughout the park increased substantially and were difficult to control. Due to the large number of fights, we cleared the park and called in officers from Shakopee and surrounding communities to help USHER out all guests from the park. TRUE. Then, KARE went on to spin the story to say "Many people at the fair were not even aware this was going on." FALSE. Dozens of fair goers reported this riot on Twitter and Facebook, with video and eyewitness reports, and EVERYONE was evacuated. Officers were called in from all adjacent communities and there were helicopters, fire and ambulance on scene. Quite a presence for a simple "incident."

2) Police received numerous reports about seeing weapons at Valleyfair. Police said they believe no weapons "made their way into the park because they were unable to recover any in the park." FALSE. More spin. By the time police arrived, the gangsters had fled to the parking lot. The weapons were in the parking lot, not the park. Eyewitness reports were correct.

3) Valleyfair said it has increased its security for the rest of the season. TRUE. Valleyfair contracted with Shakopee police after the riot to provide security for the rest of the year. So, if this was a "nothing burger" why the increase in security?

4) KARE 11 said just "one blogger" reported it was a Somali riot by Somali gangsters. Valley Fair and the Shakopee Police say it was not a riot - it was an incident by "different groups" of individuals with no "specific gang affiliation" FALSE. What does "different groups" mean? Different gangs fighting each other? Somali gangsters often use other gang signs and don't often have names. They do what's called "Wilding." They run in a mob and violently attack innocent bystanders. That's called a GANG. The St. Paul Police has made arrests before for "Wilding" and has video evidence of this behavior. We have three videos clearly indicating it was at least 50 Somali boys roving in gang-like fashion. We have a dozen Facebook and Twitter posts who IDed the rioters as Somali gangsters - some saying there were over 100. We have a video from Fox 9 that shows this happened before at Valley Fair. This is not rocket science. What do you call a group of 100 young men attacking others and creating chaos? A book club? A knitting clan? No, it's a gang. More spin.

5) KARE 11 said they had heard that the gangsters jumped the fence at Valleyfair but KARE 11 ran out of time in their interviewing process before the segment aired to confirm if these "anonymous reports" was true or not. FALSE. We have dozens of texts, tweets and Facebook posts from eyewitnesses who saw them jump the fence at Valleyfair. These are not "anonymous" sources.

It's extremely disturbing to me that our local media not only protects Valleyfair over our children but refuses to name the perpetrators and hold them accountable. I CALL THAT THE REAL PRIVILEGE.