Friday, May 18, 2018

Early Reports on Texas Shooting. Another Deep State Op.

UPDATE: The probable cause report shows that the boy turned himself into the police AT THE SCHOOL AT 8:02AM and waived his rights. Hours before the media reported one fairytale after another. Proof that this entire shooting was engineered for the gun grabbers.

EARLIER: Meanwhile, the lamestream media is burying the news about the fact that Obama spied illegally on the Trump campaign, the Mueller investigation is falling apart, the Stormy Daniels' fairytale is being exposed, that the Michael Flynn plea was bogus and he is innocent, that Trump is defunding Planned Parenthood, that the IG report is calling for criminal prosecution of Obama's FBI and DOJ on the Hillary investigation, and more. The Deep State needed to slaughter a few children to distract your attention. President Trump on school shooting: "This has been going on too long in our country. Too many decades. My administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools, and keep weapons out of the hands of those people who pose a threat to themselves and to others. Everyone must work together at every level of government to keep our children safe."
Here is a summary of all the early reports from local media on the shooting. FYI. Sounds like the shooting started after the fire alarm was pulled. Sounds like another Deep State Op.
Trump knows that when Joe Biden made schools gun-free zones in 1990 he was doing it to push gun control. Since then we've had countless false flag shootings at our schools, malls and other gun-free zones to force a repeal of the 2nd amendment. The UK slaughtered 16 children at the Dunblane school in 1996 to force citizens to turn in their guns. It worked. Emotion overwhelmed people and they willingly gave up their guns. Now law-abiding citizens in Europe are defenseless against criminals who not only have guns, but knives, acid, machetes and bombs. Gun violence is up and London is now more deadly than New York. Do not buy the con. Never ever give up your guns. That's what this is ALL ABOUT.
UPDATE: At arraignment, the boy looks drugged and like he has gained 50 pounds since these photos. Seroquel? Also, they discovered a journal and notes on his cellphone that detailed intentions to carry out the attack on the school and then take his own life. Yet, he willingly turned himself into law enforcement after the shootings.

UPDATE: So the media says the Texas shooter is a crazy, demented loner who nobody liked, and was bullied relentlessly, and sat in his basement plotting to kill people, yet just last October he was a star defensive tackle football player? And, the Galveston County Daily News listed Pagourtzis as an honor student at Santa Fe Junior High School in 2013. Pagourtzis’ parents are Antonios Pagourtzis and Rose Marie Kosmetatos and his father is a fan of the NRA.
In March 2018, Santa Fe High School was put on lockdown after reports of shots fired at the school, reports CW39. Freshman Gary Winthorpe told the station, “We were sitting in class and we heard an announcement that said lockdown. This is not a drill. It was scary and with what happened in Florida it made this so much more real.” Another, Lila Ismail, said, “I was really scared thinking about what happened in Florida because we were just sitting there and we didn’t know what was going to happen to us.”
UPDATE: They’ve identified the Texas high school shooter as Dimitrios Pagourtzis. The media say he was apparently highly bullied and not well liked (only 4 followers on his Instagram account) although a local Santa Fe football team website congratulated him on his great game last October. Watch how the reports will show he’d been known! Within minutes, all his social media accounts were taken down. Sounds just like Parkland, huh? They caught him within minutes just like Nikolas Cruz. False flag. The FBI knew. They either facilitated or engineered this for the gun grabbers. The shooters even all look alike. You can take it to the bank.

UPDATE: Santa Fe Police Chief Jeff Powell said: "There have been explosive devices found inside the high school, and in the surrounding areas adjacent to the high school." Local media reporting that suspected shooter walked into classroom, said "surprise" and then continued firing. Not yet confirmed, by the police. Students who witnessed Friday’s shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas claimed that the shooter was wearing a black trench coat and had a sawed-off shotgun.
Damon Rabon, a Santa Fe student, said that he followed his teacher out of the classroom and saw the shooter firsthand. “We heard, like, five more bangs, and then the kid came out [with] a black, like, trench coat on, a sawed-off shotgun with a pistol grip, and I think something sharp on his chest,” Rabon described. “And then he turned, and instead of looking our way, he just grabbed his backpack and went right back into the art room, so, at that point, we knew it was an active shooter.” (A kid uses the term "active shooter." ODD) Rabon said that after he saw the shooter, he and his teacher went back into the classroom and closed the door. His teacher reportedly pulled the fire alarm in order to alert authorities, as Rabon said people in the class did not have cell service in order to call 911. Another student, Avery Garza, told HLN that he also saw the suspect in a black trench coat and with a sawed-off shotgun. Garza said his friend witnessed the shooter pulling out a pistol and shooting a girl in the head. "We know who it is, but unfortunately I cannot give the name out. He was wearing a trench coat, I think it said USSR on it,” he added.
UPDATE: Police say the assailant was armed with an AR-15 style rifle, a pistol, a shotgun and pipe bombs. Officers inside encountered a bloody mess in the school. Evidently this guy threw pipe bombs all in there. We don't know if any of them went off." Yesterday, David Hogg, said he had a chilling premonition this would happen. Trey Lemley, 17, said he was in the school's first floor art room when a shooter walked in, his sister, Courtney Lemley, 19, said. Trey dropped his phone and barricaded himself inside one of the room's two closets, she said. When he left, he saw three bodies and pools of blood. Junior Liberty Wheeler, 14, was in class when she heard five shots ring out near the art room.
Her teacher told them to run toward the theater department's storage room, where they hid for 45 minutes before being escorted outside by the SWAT team.
"You could smell the gunpowder that came from the gun," Wheeler recalled as she was escorted out of the building. "We were all scared because it was near us." Paige Curry, a junior at the school, said "I was sitting in my classroom and I heard very loud booms and I didn't know what they were. I was confused but after I heard screaming, I figured out what they were, got up immediately and started to run. I almost ran out of the school but I hid instead with the other students. I was there for maybe 30 minutes I was on the phone with my mom the whole time. They found us and escorted us."
EARLIER: Angelica Martinez, a 14-year-old student, said she and her schoolmates were being evacuated at one point "like it's a fire drill." We were all standing (outside), but not even five minutes later, we started hearing gunshots. And then everybody starts running, but like the teachers are telling us to stay put, but we're all just running away. I didn't see anybody shooting, but like (the gunshots) were kind of spaced. I heard about four shots."
Another witness who spoke to KTRK also said she heard an alarm. She didn't specify if that was before or after the gunfire she described in the art class. An armed person walked into an art class at the school and began firing what looked like a shotgun. She said she couldn't describe the shooter. "I didn't look. I just ran," she said.(What do you mean you can't describe the shooter when he came into your classroom. You can describe the gun as a shotgun but not the shooter?)
Another student, Dakota Shrader, told CNN affiliate KPRC that she heard gunshots only AFTER hearing an alarm in the school. "I was in the history hallway, and as soon as we heard the alarms, everybody just started leaving following the same procedure as a practice fire drill," Shrader said, breaking into tears. "And next thing you know, we just hear three gunshots, loud explosions, and all the teachers are telling us to run."
One witness reportedly said she saw a girl get shot in the leg. One student said that fire alarms went off and students began to leave their classrooms and file outside before the shots were heard. Witnesses described students running from the school as they heard gunshots; they also described hearing an alarm at the school, though the sequence of events wasn't immediately clear. Witnesses said that the shooting began between 7:30 and 7:45 AM CST, in an art class.
One student told Houston television station KTRK in a telephone interview that a gunman came into her first-period art class and started shooting. The student said she saw one girl with blood on her leg as the class evacuated the room.
"We thought it was a fire drill at first but really, the teacher said, 'Start running,'" the student said. The student said she didn't get a good look at the shooter because she was running away. She said students escaped through a door at the back of the classroom. Authorities have not yet confirmed that report.
Tyler, a senior at the school, told KHOU-TV that his friend saw "some kid" with a gun. A fire alarm was pulled. When teachers and students were outside, shots were fired, Tyler said. "As soon as the alarms went off, everybody just started running outside," 10th-grader Dakota Shrader told reporters, "and next thing you know everybody looks, and you hear boom, boom, boom, and I just ran as fast as I could to the nearest floor so I could hide, and I called my mom."
Tyler said he ran behind some trees, heard more shots, jumped a fence and ran to a car wash. He said he saw firefighters treat a girl who had a bandage around her knee and may have been shot.
Aerial footage from the scene showed many students lined up outside the school, as law enforcement officials took some of their bags. What appeared to be a figure covered in a white sheet could also be seen outside one of the school's exits. A male suspect, believed to be a student, has been arrested in the shooting at Santa Fe High School, about 20 miles outside Galveston. A second person -- also believed to be a student -- has been detained as well.

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