Thursday, May 31, 2018

Roseanne Wanted It To Happen

Like I said, Roseanne wanted her show to be cancelled on ABC. 

Tom Arnold, Roseanne's ex-husband, said he believes that after one season, Barr no longer wanted to do the show. She felt taken advantage of by ABC: 

"It had to happen. And I am going to tell you the truth, she wanted it to happen.If you saw how her tweets escalated this weekend (Obama, Soros, Clinton, Robinson). If it hadn’t happened yesterday, this season would have been so awful for everyone every day because she would have felt like she was being taken advantage of. ABC lost maybe a $1 billion from this. Her show was grinding out money hand over fist and they lost it all because somebody didn't say "Get that phone out of her hand." She's not going to go on TV and say these things. She promised ABC she would take a step back on Twitter. But she didn't mean it." 

BTW, John Goodman, who went on late night shows with Roseanne for the show, said this after Roseanne apologized for the fact the John and Laurie were fired also: "I wasn't gonna get an Emmy anyway. I’ve been up there 11 times already, and if I didn’t get one I’m not gonna get one. I don't want to say more. Everything's fine."

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