Friday, May 18, 2018

Google's "Selfish Ledger" End Purpose Is To Replace Humans With Robots

A short Google video called "The Selfish Ledger" was recently uncovered. It supposedly reveals the dystopian end goal behind all the data Google collects about you and me. “The Selfish Ledger" is Google's vision for how it will use “total data collection” and social engineering to modify human behavior on a global scale. After reviewing the video, my take is even more disturbing. I believe that the "data" Google collects in the "ledger" is designed to provide Silicon Valley with a global library of data about human emotion and the human decision making process. Why? To replace humans with robots.

The film was made in 2016 by Google X (now just X) head of design Nick Foster and fellow researcher David Murphy for internal use at Google. In it, Foster envisions a future where massive amounts of data are collected on users and stored in what he refers to as a “ledger.” The ledger contains a user's actions, decisions, preferences, movements, and relationships. The ledger is something that could conceivably be passed on to other users, much as genetic information is passed on through the generations.
The ledger actively seeks to fill gaps in its knowledge from every user. The system would be able to plug gaps in its knowledge and refine its model of human behavior — not just your particular behavior or mine, but that of the entire human species.
“By thinking of user data as multigenerational, it becomes possible for emerging users to benefit from the preceding generation’s behaviors and decisions. We will mine the database of human behavior for patterns, sequencing it like the human genome, and making increasingly accurate predictions about decisions and future behaviours. As cycles of collection and comparison extend it may be possible to develop a species-level understanding of complex issues such as depression, health, and poverty.”
Yep, Google wants to use our data to study and catalog humanity so they can replace us. This isn't simply an internet interaction. Google catalogs your every action, your every word, your every text, voice mail, email, viewing habits, shopping habits, eating habits, and your every move through Google maps. They know when you get out of your car. They know when and where you eat dinner. They know how you respond to every event. Now Google wants to predict and control your next action by using your devices to control and question your next steps. Everyone is tied to their phones. They will use them to create a duplicate of each person. Then replace that person. Makes perfect sense if you are intent on robotics. Scary stuff.

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