Thursday, May 10, 2018

Is the European Islamic Invasion Conscription for EU Army?

I've long thought that the real motive behind the mass Islamic migration of young men into Europe was to populate an EU army. Millions of fighting age men conscripted into an army for the European Union Defense. They don't have enough fighting age men in Europe. They need warrior bodies from the Middle East and North Africa. Two years ago, Nigel Farage tweeted: "Pro-EU establishment not telling the truth. European Union pushing for a full EU army." 
All of this is being done without voter consent or awareness. The targets? Russia for energy, Israel tor the Caliphate and Eastern European states like Poland and Hungary who refuse to fund the mass migration game. Now you know why Europe disarmed its citizens. So they can't fight back. Rome tried this once. Brought in the barbarian hordes. What happened? Rome fell. History repeating itself.
PS: Many don't know that LBJ's "civil rights" movement was a sneaky way of drafting young black men into the military for his Vietnam war. He lowered the educational requirements, under the guise of "human rights," so that more black boys would qualify to die in Vietnam. I kid you not.

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