Thursday, May 31, 2018

Why Does Joy Reid Still Have a Job at MSNBC?

Anyone on the right who thinks it is necessary to apologize for Roseanne's insensitive comment is obviously not aware of the vile, hateful assault on conservatives by the lamestream media. Black women and white men routinely call President Trump an orange ape. Black women routinely call Ben Carson a porch monkey. That's not racist? Listen to what they called Ivanka Trump last night on a Time Warner station. It's just fine for them to say these kinds of hideous things. Do not apologize to the left. NEVER. They set the tone. We fight back. Stop letting the bullies silence and define you.
Oh, and not for nothing, but, it's fine for left-wing Joy Reid to make homophobic slurs and keep her job on MSNBC. It's fine for Michelle Wolf to disparage Sarah Sander's looks and she gets a new Netflix show. It's fine for Joy Behar to call Christians "mentally ill" on ABC. It's fine for Samantha Bee to call Ivanka Trump a "feckless c**t on TBS. It's fine for Jimmy Kimmel to make fun of Melania's accent and simulate women performing oral sex on him. It's fine for Wanda Sykes to call President Trump an orange ape. It's fine for Bill Maher to say Trump was the spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan. But Roseanne's show is cancelled for an insensitive comment about Valerie Jarrett's looks. Why? Because Roseanne is a conservative Trump supporter.
MSNBC hasn't fired Joy Reid for posting homophobic slurs although Joy was disavowed by a prominent LGBTQ organization. MSNBC is still silent on Joy Reid’s anti-gay remarks on her old blog. A series of posts on the now-defunct blog from between 2005 and 2007 show Reid identifying political figures she thought were secretly gay, launching anti-gay attacks on her political opponents and describing herself as “probably” homophobic. On April 24, under media pressure to provide proof of Reid’s claim, MSNBC released two letters from Reid’s attorney and a statement from her consultant. Both her attorney and her consultant claimed to have evidence that Reid’s site had been hacked. On April 25, MSNBC said it would wait for the results of a law enforcement investigation into the alleged hack of Reid’s server before addressing the matter. The network has yet to provide any updates on the reported investigation. Archived versions of Reid’s blog prove she wrote the posts. There is no "evidence" she was hacked and on April 28, Reid admitted so. Reid still has a job. Why?

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