Saturday, May 19, 2018

Israel Arms Schools. No School Shootings.

It's time to arm our schools. The gun grabbers will not stop killing innocent children until they achieve their goal - the repeal of the second amendment and the confiscation of all weapons. We cannot let that happen. We cannot go the way of Europe. We cannot be left defenseless against those who wish us harm. Including those in our own Government.
Israel – more than any other nation – knows how to counter terrorism, given that the country is surrounded by enemies who are intent on wiping her out. In 1974, Palestinian terrorists took 115 people hostage in an Israeli elementary school. Twenty-five people were killed, 22 of them children. Another 68 were injured. In response, Israel didn't make schools gun-free zones. They armed them all. Since then, Israel has had no school shootings.
Today, Israeli schools with 100 or more students must post armed guards who check anyone who enters the school. NOBODY enters the school without permission. NOBODY. Most schools maintain only one unlocked entrance that is typically staffed by an armed guard. These guards engage any threats. The civilian police force handles school security, from kindergarten through college. The Ministry of Education funds shelters and fences, reinforces school buses and hires and trains guards. There are no metal detectors.
Currently, most Israeli school premises are completely fenced in and usually with only one gate. In the cases of bigger schools, there might be a few additional gates. If so, there will be armed guards at those, too. In addition, there are two to three emergency gates which are locked (and look like normal fences) during regular, non-emergency hours.
As for the gates: each gate is accompanied by a small guard cabin and an armed guard. He or she meets a certain standard to carry and do their job. The static guard is funded and under the responsibility of the Israeli police (though they are a sub-contractor and not a cop). The guard is mostly to be the first responder, but also logs traffic, maintains situational awareness and conducts hourly patrols along the school fences and makes sure all is clear when children arrive and leave for the day.
According to the official standard of the government, the guard will:
Ensure that the premises is locked and under control in all time.
Sweep and search any person who comes in.
Have security authority.
Ensure that foreign individuals are fully ID’d and their personal details are logged. Foreign vehicles must be documented as well.
Assist the school occupants.
Be aware on anything within the immediate environment of the school.
Traditionally, all school trips require a plan B in case of emergency. This is discussed with both the teachers and students in briefings before and during trips. In addition, each trip outside the school premises uses former combat soldiers who act as an active escort. These men are heavily armed and include one qualified combat medic. They are responsible for a specific group or class and they act under strict performance rules. They don’t just tag along.
An Israeli security expert says to adopt this plan:
Four things: concept, procedures, technology and manpower. We do it in Israel. It is not so expensive. Once you decide on the correct security concept, your plan must be tailor-made — separately — for each school. Because every campus is different, you must make a survey of the grounds. Determine what is going on in each area. Just as Los Angeles and New Orleans are not the same, no two high school campuses are.
First, you must decide that nobody — nobody — enters the school without permission. Second, you must put security guards who will comb the grounds around the school before the day starts and before students go home in the afternoon, and make sure the area is clear. Guards don’t just stand around. They check everyone entering, and engage threats. And yeah, they’ve got guns. Students are also trained in how to respond to an active shooter situation.

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