Thursday, May 17, 2018

FBI Transcript Proves Nikolas Cruz Framed By Addict Who Wanted His Inheritance

OMG. Here's the FBI transcript of the phone call they received from Roxcanne Deschamps, the drugged up woman who tried to claim guardianship over Nikolas Cruz to get his million dollar inheritance, after his mother died. Roxcanne is bankrupt, well known to the Broward County police as a scammer, and lives in a trailer with her child and another meth addict. Nikolas hated her and left her house and said she was crazy and after his money. He moved in with the Sneads who said he was a kind, quiet, autistic boy.
So Roxcanne called the police, after Nikolas moved out, and ranted on the phone about him to get this story about him on the record before the shooting, one month later. This is the SOLE SOURCE of all those claims the media have been reporting AS FACTS. For all we know, she could have made the accounts herself since the boy was so mentally delayed. Read it please. Further proof that this boy is innocent and framed by Debby Wasserman Schultz, the FBI and the Broward County gun grabbers. BTW: A judge just ruled that Broward County committed voter fraud by destroying ballots in the last election. Broward County is the king of corruption.

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