Monday, March 12, 2018

Arab Gangs are Taking Over Europe

German media report that Arab criminal gangs operating in Berlin are targeting individual police officers with threats, including blackmail, in order to intimidate or take revenge on law enforcement. Over the past several years, the power of Arab family organized crime gangs in Berlin has increased substantially as they have largely taken over the city’s drug and prostitution trade. According to a new report, the gangs are now using their power to threaten and intimidate authorities to stop investigations and neuter police.
The revelations come only months after allegations that Arab gang members were infiltrating the police force in Berlin following audio leaked from the Berlin police academy. The unnamed instructor in the audio said about the infiltration: “These are not colleagues, that’s the enemy. This is the enemy in our ranks and I have never felt such hostility in this class.”
Arab gangs are also recruiting gang members from Berlin’s refugee asylum homes and refugee camps, promising young migrants easy cash for selling drugs. Migrant drug dealers selling potentially lethal synthetic drugs have turned areas into no-go zones, where German police have no authority, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Coming to America. Shall we let these poor lost boys in?

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