Friday, March 30, 2018

The Other Parkland Students Nobody Talks About

These are actual tweets and comments from the brother, Patrick Petty, whose sister was killed at Parkland. Why is the media not reporting this?
I find it funny that David Hogg wants people to show him love while being nasty and vile to others. Worse than that, he and his friends have not said a word to me since the shooting, considering my sister died on 2/14 don’t you think it would’ve been loving to reach out to me?
Hey Emma Gonzales, please stop using my sister’s name to push your [guncontrol] agenda, she DID NOT and WOULD NOT support it.
Why hasn’t [the Petty family] received an invitation from CNN? They lost a daughter and a sister and have a lot that they want to share with your viewers.
Six Stages of Gun-Grabbing:
1. We believe in the Second Amendment
2. No one's taking away your guns, but...
3. Let's discuss some Common Sense laws
4. The Second Amendment is for muskets
5. The Second Amendment is for a militia
6. Repeal the Second Amendment
I wasn't invited to speak at March For Our Lives. Neither were the Pollacks. Why? Because we believe in the 2nd amendment.
When bombers kill people we don’t blame the bomb. When a drunk driver kills someone we don’t blame the car . But when mad man known to officials for years kills my sister there’s a call for banning guns. Why not focus on the killer?

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