Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Rahm Emanuel's Illegal Voter Scam in Chicago

Now, Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants Chicagoans to be able to use his new municipal ID cards, called City Keys, to get discounts on prescription drugs.
Skeptics claim Emanuel's ID cards are really a sneaky way to give illegal aliens access to vote and receive government benefits. Emanuel said the ID cards were designed to welcome the ‘undocumented’ community and people ‘on the sidelines’ into the city. The cards were issued to local residents of Chicago regardless if they were legal or not.
The IDs, which may already be used as CTA Ventra fare cards, to register to vote, and as Chicago Public Library cards, were initially intended for Chicagoans who otherwise might have trouble getting legal IDs, such as those living in the country illegally, homeless people and people recently released from prison. But they will be available to all city residents at the end of April, though a specific day has not yet been announced. Just in time for mid-terms.
Did you know that illegals who have driver's licenses in California and Washington State are automatically registered to vote? Yep. Minnesota wanted to do the same. This is Chicago's liberal scam to make that happen.

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