Friday, March 30, 2018

Somalis and Minnesota.

Minnesota is home to the largest Somali population in the US. At current birth and migration rates, Minnesota should be a majority Somali state by 2060. What do we know about Somalia?
Somalia is considered the most corrupt country in the world. The current population of Somalia is 15,065,196 and the median age in Somalia is 16.6 years. 70% of the Somali population is under 30. The population has TRIPLED since 1985 due to exploding birth rates at 6.2 children per family. Over 60% of the Somali population is unemployed. The unemployment rate for youth aged 14 to 29 is 67 percent—one of the highest rates in the world; women lose out more, with unemployment rates at 74%, compared to men at 61%. Due to terror and violence in the country, industry will NOT develop there. Over 5 million Somali boys have intentions to leave Somali to find work and women.
Sunni Islam is the official religion, and there is no religious freedom. ALL Somalis are expected to be Muslims. Somalia has a history of fierce persecution against Christians. In 2009, the parliament approved implementation of Shariah law nationwide. The government has also banned proselytizing. Christian converts from Islam are estimated at fewer than 200 people. Most Somali Christians are secret believers who worship in house churches.
The radical Islamic group al-Shabaab has vowed to eradicate all Somali Christians, and they have especially targeted converts from Islam. Al-Shabaab holds to the strict Islamic doctrine of Wahhabism and advocates for Sharia law in every facet of life for Somalis. The group has executed hundreds of Christians in the past five years. In February 2012, al-Shabaab leaders announced their alliance with al-Qaida. There have been several instances of al-Shabaab adherents targeting Somali Christians across borders in countries like Kenya. Conversion to Christianity is socially unacceptable. In addition to the Islamic extremists, persecutors include family members, clan members and local administrators.
The two main sources of persecution for Christians in Somalia are the radical Islamist militant group al-Shabaab and the country’s tribal system. The Islamic clan-based structure of the government and society is detrimental to the practice of the Christian faith, as all Somalis are expected to be Muslims. Al-Shabaab also uses the clan structure to gather intelligence, recruit members and advance its ideology. Threatening expulsion or death, they force sheiks and imams to promote jihad. Thus, imams in mosques and madrasas (Islamic religious schools) stand alongside al-Shabaab’s leadership, stating that there is no room for churches, Christianity or Christians in Somalia.
Over the last few years, the situation for Christians in Somalia has only worsened. Islamic militants have intensified their hunt for Christians, whom al-Shabaab operatives regard as high-value targets. Upon discovery, Christians are often killed on the spot. While al-Shabaab poses a severe threat to Christians in Somalia, believers are also persecuted by their families and the community at large. If a Somali is suspected of conversion, their family members and clan leaders will harass, intimidate or even kill them.
According to UNICEF, Somalia has the highest percentage of GIRLS who have been forced to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) at 98%. 98% of the female population aged between 15 and 49 in Somalia have undergone the procedure, the United Nations children’s fund says.The initiation rite is often performed on girls as young as five, even if their parents don’t consent. Many American Somali parents perform the ritual in their homes, or illegally at doctor's offices. Many travel back to their homeland for vacations to have the procedure performed on their girls.
That's Somalia. Many Minnesota leaders feature the Somali flag in their offices instead of the Amerian flag. Thoughts?

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