Friday, March 30, 2018

Pakistani Doctor Refuses to Treat Christian Pregnant Woman - Beats her Brother To Death

A doctor at the emergency maternity ward in Lahore, Pakistan, a majority-Muslim nation, refused to help a Christian pregnant woman and then instructed his staff to beat her brother to death.
Two brothers Anil and Sunil Saleem, along with other relatives, brought their pregnant sister Kiran Kashif to the emergency maternity ward of Government Services Institute of Medical Sciences seeking help for her labor pains.
They went to see the doctor on duty, who refused to see Kashif because she was Christian. When the family protested against the rude behavior, the doctor physically assaulted Kashif, slapping her and trying to throw her on the floor, calling her a Chuhri, a derogatory term for Christian.
When other family members came to her aid, the doctor called for security and other medical staff to “teach these Christians a lesson.”
“Around 15 to 20 paramedical staff and security guards and eight to 10 young doctors, including Dr. Salman, Dr. Irfan, Dr. Hasan and Dr. Sahi lunged at us with iron rods, chairs, leather belts and other things and started beating us. Sunil, a police constable in the National Highway and Motorway Police, tried his best to placate the assailants but they continued to beat him mercilessly, kicking and punching him in the groin and chest until he fell unconscious.”
The brutal assault continued until the police arrived. At that point, the attackers fled, but the medical staff refused to give aid to Sunil Saleem, who received life-threatening injuries. He passed away hours later. He was married with four children. The youngest is three months old.
These are the people our progressive friends want to let in our country without proper vetting? Great idea. Tell them to move to Pakistan instead and report back.

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