Monday, March 12, 2018

Liberal College: Lifetime of Student Debt With Little Return

Over the past thirty years, America has been inundated with social engineering to convince society to assume a lifetime of student debt for a fancy four-year liberal arts degree:
-90% of graduates do not find work in their field of study.
-25% of graduates do not find work at all.
-54% of available jobs are in trade labor...often going unfilled.
Here's a smattering of College Courses Circa 2017: 'Hooking Up,' 'Queer Religion' and 'Sexy' Vampires' - exactly what life experience do these courses address?
U.S. student loan debt exceeds $1.5 trillion. 44 million borrowers have an average outstanding student loan balance of $37,172 and 11 percent of those debtors are in default. Why aren't millennials buying homes? The average monthly student loan payment is $351. Staggering student loan debt makes it tough to save for down payments.
Parents, please stop your family from taking on a huge student loan debt for a degree in pothead, alcoholism, social justice or gender studies. Make sure the degree will actually help them learn a skill in demand, and get a job after graduation. Somebody is making tons of money off America's kids. It's time to stop the madness.

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