Monday, March 12, 2018

Who is Funding those anti-NRA kids?

Who is funding all those kids against the NRA, who want to repeal the second amendment and you to turn in your guns? It's not quite what it seems. You're being conned.
Within 24 hours after the Florida shooting, gun control activists had concocted "No NRA Money" an organization behind a supposedly national "grassroots pledge campaign" that seeks to “break the NRA’s stranglehold that has thwarted meaningful progress on common sense gun policy.”
But No NRA Money’s claim to be a grassroots movement is questionable. It looks like it's really a Political Action Committee for the Democratic Party.
Hidden within the HTML code running No NRA Money’s website is a link to a digital asset hosted on a website ran by Equality Florida, an LGBT advocacy organization. Nadine Smith, the executive director of Equality Florida, appeared on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” on Saturday to promote the anti-NRA pledge drive. Smith serves as the CEO for Equality Florida Institute, Inc., and Equality Florida Action, Inc., the two nonprofit organizations of the Equality Florida conglomerate. She’s well paid for her services, collecting $164,391 in total compensation from both organizations in 2016 alone. Smith is also the registered agent of Equality Florida’s political arm, Equality Florida Action PAC, Inc.
Equality Florida is the antithesis of grassroots — it’s a three-entity conglomerate made up of two non-profit organizations and one political organization and is connected to Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Broward County, a steadfast champion for Florida’s LGBT community and the co-founder of the US Congress’s first-ever LGBT Equality Caucus. Equality Florida did not respond when asked why it was hosting content for No NRA Money or whether it was funding the pledge drive. The pledge drive has already attracted the support of thousands of voters and over 60 candidates for public office across the United States, including Democratic candidate for governor of Iowa Cathy Glasson.
The organization’s website was purchased behind a proxy less than a day after the shooting. There are no disclosures anywhere on the No NRA Money’s website indicating who is funding the effort.
One year after the Pulse shooting, Equality Florida posted this:
In anticipation of the one-year mark of the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Equality Florida calls on supporters across the globe to remember the 49 lives lost that night by donating to their #HonorThemWithAction GoFundMe.
After raising a record $7.8 million victims’ fund on GoFundMe - and an additional $1.2 million offline - in the immediate aftermath of the horrific shooting, Equality Florida continues its mission of fighting homophobia and hatred at its root with its latest GoFundMe, #HonorThemWithAction.
Interesting, huh? My question is: Was fundraising for a broke DNC part of the reason for the record number of mass shootings since Trump announced his candidancy? What better way to replenish the coffers than slaughter people for donations.

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