Thursday, March 15, 2018

How did Obama Make It Easier for Criminals to Buy Guns?

How did Obama made it easier for 500,000 criminals to buy guns? The Justice Department under President Barack Obama forced the FBI to delete the names of more than 500,000 fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants from a background check database, acting FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich testified. Fugitives from justice are barred from buying a firearm under federal law.
“That was a decision that was made under the previous administration,” Bowdich testified. “It was the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel that reviewed the law and believed that it needed to be interpreted so that if someone was a fugitive in a state, there had to be indications that they had crossed state lines. Otherwise they were not known to be a fugitive under the law and the way it was interpreted."
Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced the Justice Department will “aggressively” pursue any person who lies on their background check.

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