Thursday, March 29, 2018

Fox News is Dead. It Died with Roger Ailes.

Roger Ailes, the real conservative powerhouse behind Fox News, is dead and disgraced. Why? He despised Rupert Murdoch’s sons goals to make Fox News another leftist mouthpiece. That's why the Fox boys fired him and framed him with the help of Gretchen Carlson. James Murdoch, three years ago, was elevated to CEO of his father's, Rupert Murdoch, company. Ailes regarded James as an impetuous, grandiose, self-satisfied rich kid. Wryly, he admitted bringing this feud on himself: “I made the money those kids spent. So, no, I wasn’t going to suck up to them.”
Roger was a media consultant for Ronald Reagan and ran Rudy Guiliani's first mayoral campaign. He was hired as President of Fox News in 1996 and built it into what it is today.
Indeed, not long before his ouster, Ailes had enraged James by going behind his back and helping to convince his father to squelch a plan for a new, temple-like 21st Century Fox headquarters that James wanted to build.
The relationship of Ailes to Murdoch senior, often his loyal patron but frequently just a boss stuck having to indulge his highest earner, was also always a fraught one. Rupert felt Ailes got too much credit for the company’s success.
Over a two-week period of press leaks, after former Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit, with the help of Hillary Clinton in order to get a huge payout, Ailes was ousted without ANY opportunity to defend himself. Even when James hired the law firm Paul, Weiss to investigate the charges against Ailes, Ailes himself wasn’t called. In effect, in order to get his payout, he had to accept his disgrace — and it was enough money that he agreed to what he surely considered a devil’s bargain.
Roger Ailes is someone who, from Nixon’s “silent majority” to Reagan’s “Reagan Democrats” to Fox News, understood the intensity of the unhappiness and anger in the real America that people are only now waking up to with Donald Trump. Ailes was the brains and heart of the conservative part of Fox News. That part is fading quickly, particularly after the Murdoch boys bought Sky News in Europe and intend Fox and Sky News to be THE GLOBAL mainstream networks and rival the BBC. The Murdoch boys' wives are extremely PROGRESSIVE. THEY MUST MOVE FAR LEFT TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN. Rupert Murdoch is 88 years old. He won't live forever.
Ailes and Peter Thiel, Trump's brilliant and wealthy Silicon Valley friend, who hired Trump's lawyer, Charles Harder, to take down Gawker over publishing a sex tape that invaded Hulk Hogan's privacy and also exposed Thiel as a gay man, were planning to develop a new conservative network to rival Fox, as it veers left, when Ailes died. Hopefully, that dream didn't die with him. The man was SCREWED.

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