Monday, March 12, 2018

Bribing Our Politicians

If you wonder why our Congressional leaders do what Big Pharma, Big Health and Big Tech tell them to do, here's how much each industry has spent lobbying (bribing) our elected officials over the past twenty years. Over $11 BILLION alone from the healthcare industry:
Pharmaceuticals, $3.7 Billion
Health Insurance/HMOs, $3.6 Billion
Electronics/Telecom, $3.6 Billion
Health Professionals/Hospitals, $2.9 Billion
Electric Utilities, $2.2 Billion
Oil & Gas, $2.0 Billion
Education, $1.6 Billion
Securities/Investment, $1.6 Billion
Real Estate, $1.4 Billion
This doesn't include campaign contributions or advertising funds. Imagine what the recreational marijuana lobby will spend.
BTW, during this same time period, lobbying by the NRA and others for gun rights totals approximately $125 million. Small change compared to the big guys.

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  1. thank you for providing these figures for America. It's difficult to find similar ones for Australia but there is a lot of complicated money laundering and other stuff going on here.