Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Zachary Cruz. It Gets Worse.

OMG. Now they arrested Zachary Cruz for "trespassing" at the school on his skateboard, set bond at $500,000, put an ankle bracelet on him to track his movements, denied him any access to his brother, prohibited him from speaking with any students or staff, forced him to undergo another psych evaluation and Deputies will be allowed to search his home.
Why? Because they know he will defend his brother from this false charge. And get this. The Broward County School Superintendent says Zachary NEVER EVEN TRESPASSED. The Sheriff's Office MADE IT UP.
A Florida judge set bond at $500,000 for Zachary Cruz for a misdemeanor trespassing charge, despite protestations from his defense attorney, who said his client was being punished for his brother's crime.
Zachary Cruz stood shackled in a brown jumpsuit and sandals. He was surrounded by three deputies. Broward County prosecutors wanted a $750,000 bond and stiff restrictions on the younger Cruz's release. Broward County prosecutors released new information from his juvenile record to justify the bond.
Ultimately, the judge went with a $500,000 bond and ordered Cruz to wear an ankle monitor. He was also instructed to have no contact with Marjory Stoneman Douglas students or staff, and to stay at least a mile away from the school and to have no contact with his brother. Deputies will be allowed to search Cruz's home in Lantana for guns, the judge ruled, adding that the teen must submit to a psychological evaluation.
The Broward County Sheriff's Office said it was seeking a "red flag" risk protection order that, if granted by a court, would let law enforcement temporarily seize firearms from Zachary Cruz and prevent him from acquiring new ones.
Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie, however, told a local newspaper there was no security breach. Runcie did not return CNN calls seeking comment. A Broward County Public Schools spokeswoman directed questions to the sheriff's office, whose spokeswoman told CNN in an email she'd "look into that and get back to you."

Broward County has released body cam footage of the arrest of Zachary Cruz, Nikolas Cruz's younger brother, for "trespassing" on his skateboard at the school. He was later held for $500,000 bond. Broward County has not released any footage from the school during the shooting but is able to release this? He was ordered to NOT SPEAK with his brother or any other Parkland students, to stay away from the school, and to submit to a psychiatric examination.

The lawyer for Zachary Cruz asked Friday that his client be assigned to another judge after the initial judge set bond for the teen at $500,000. Cruz’ lawyer, public defender Joseph Kimok, argued that the half-a-million-dollar bond for a second-degree misdemeanor is “outrageous” and “20,000 times above the standard amount.” The court hearing came on the day that the Broward Sheriff’s Office released video taken by officers’ body cameras.

What the heck is going on, folks?


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