Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Joe McCarthy, JFK & Billy Graham had it right.

In 1950, Joseph McCarthy, a Republican Senator from Wisconsin, warned America that the Communists were infiltrating our Government and Hollywood. He warned that Communist atheism sought to destroy freedom of religion in America. He was vilified by the media and censored by the Senate and died 7 years later.
JFK would agree with McCarthy's assessment and warned of a "vast conspiracy" to take over the US. JFK, RFK, and MLK's assassinations followed. Time Magazine declared GOD IS DEAD in 1965. Billy Graham warned America of the coming Godless Communism. LBJ's new society created a dependent socialist welfare state. His chain migration immigration plan ensured a permanent underclass dependent on the State. Big Pharma medicated away resistance and ensured ambivalence and compliance. All that's left is taking away our guns.
Today, radical Islam, Satanism and atheist Communism have spawned a global Christian genocide around the world and threatens our Judeo-Christian roots here at home. Over one million Christians have been executed in the past decade and the media says nothing. Atheist groups infiltrate our schools, our churches and our town squares. Satanism is the fastest growing religion in American. Terror perpetrated on behalf of ISIS is whitewashed by the media as irrelevant.
Today, Hollywood is owned by Communist China and conservatives like James Woods are blacklisted. The media is owned by wealthy Saudis and Iranians who censor our news and silence our voices. The Washington Post calls Prince, the singer who died of a drug overdose at 57, a hero, and calls Reverend Billy Graham, a Christian who died a natural death at 99, a druggie.
In retrospect, it looks like Joseph McCarthy, JFK and Billy Graham were correct. No wonder the Communist party got angry in the 1960's when the Democrats stole their platform. It's time to take it back.

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