Saturday, March 10, 2018

Justice Roberts Blackmailed?

Why did conservative Supreme Court Justice John Roberts strangely lean so far left? Many believe it's because Obama and Comey illegally used the FISA court to spy on Roberts and blackmail him into submission. Same thing they tried to do with President Trump and Congress. The US intelligence community's main job these days is to gather dirt on our leaders to blackmail them and control them. It's not to protect America from foreign threats.
Thirteen years into the job, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. remains a conservative but he has shifted to a more moderate position among the conservative justices on the court. Among the justices appointed by Republican presidents, Roberts agreed least with Justice Anthony Kennedy in Roberts’ first two terms leading the court, and the most with Kennedy in the two most recently completed terms.
President George W. Bush nominated Roberts to be the next chief justice of the United States in 2005 when William Rehnquist died. Roberts had been a clerk for Rehnquist and was a former Reagan administration Justice Department official who later worked in the White House counsel’s office, meaning conservatives had — and many still have — high expectations for Roberts to lead the court in a staunchly conservative direction. But when you review the past few years, even on some of the more divisive issues before the court, Roberts has moved away from the doctrinaire conservative position he held when he started on the high court. Specifically, in the court’s approach to the Affordable Care Act and its handling of the marriage equality cases.
Makes you wonder why those Iranian IT staffers who worked for the DNC were really given access to all the Congressional files and emails, doesn't it? My guess? Blackmailing Congress every time they could.
Will Justice Roberts change back to his conservative roots once he's sure the Obama/Comey FBI FISA surveillance files on him have been destroyed? Watch. He's not the only one who has been blackmailed into submission. The entire tone of top-level national private and public people will change once the FBI blackmail scheme is gone. Mark my words.

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