Friday, March 30, 2018

Proof We Live In A Police State. Pro-Trump Author Detained.

Wow. PROOF WE LIVE IN A POLICE STATE. The pro-Trump author, Ted Malloch, who just wrote the book coming out soon called "The Plot to Destroy Trump – How the Deep State Fabricated the Russian Dossier to Subvert the President" was detained by the FBI, interrogated for hours and subpoenaed by Mueller. Here's his statement:
"On March 27, 2018 I flew on a long international flight into Boston’s Logan International airport. I was to connect to a domestic flight en route to my in-laws’ house, just outside of Cleveland, Ohio for the Easter holidays.
After exiting the plane, I was escorted to a special line for passport control. There, I was formally detained and asked to wait, along with my wife who was traveling with me. They would not say why, and I found it most curious as I am a frequent flier and go back and forth to the US and Europe and elsewhere many times a year. I never had had such treatment.
After about twenty minutes left waiting, we were taken by a TSA official and an FBI agent to a separate hall where they thoroughly checked my suitcase and asked about any electronic devices, phones or computers I had in my possession.
This all seemed very foreboding and I have never experienced anything like this before, unless you include trips to communist China or in the old world to eastern bloc countries as a diplomat. What’s going on, I thought?
When they found nothing suspicious and would not answer my questions about why they were detaining me, they separated me from my wife and told her to wait in a lounge, without explanation, while I was to be interviewed. That is all they said. Naturally, this left her in a state of total confusion and near panic.
What had I done? Why Ted Malloch?
I was then escorted to another building and into a secure conference room where two young FBI agents introduced themselves to me. They said I was being detained to answer questions regarding the Department of Justice Special Counsel probe and showed me their identification.
They seemed to know everything about me and had my color photograph and personal details and said in intimidating ways, that it was a felony to lie to the FBI. I stated that I realized that, and I would readily, in fact gladly, cooperate with them.
I did, however, find it objectionable to treat me the way they had, as I was entering my home country, where I am a citizen and have served at the highest levels of government. They did not need to use such tactics or intimidation. I was a US patriot and would do anything and everything to assist the government and I had no information that I believed was relevant.
They asked for my cell phone and any laptop (I didn’t have a computer on me) and produced a document to seize it and perform forensics on it. I gladly signed permission and asked if at least I could keep my drivers license and credit cards. They said yes and gave them back to me. One of the agents took the phone into another room and downloaded items but returned to say they would need to keep it and take it to Washington, DC for a full assessment. I asked when I could get it back. They assured me in a few days they would definitely get it to me one way or another.
The other agent then proceeded for about an hour to interrogate me and involved himself in various disarming chitchat about my career, sterling academic credentials, top-secret code word government clearances in an earlier era, and my being a fan of the championship Philadelphia Eagles. All well and good, I presumed. What did they want? Why me? And why in this underhanded fashion? What had I done?
The questions got more detailed about my involvement in the Trump campaign (which was informal and unpaid); whom I communicated with; whom I knew and how well—they had a long list of names.
They seemed to then focus more attention on Roger Stone (whom I have met a grand total of three times and with groups of people); Jerome Corsi, a journalist who edited a memoir I had written some years ago; and about Wikileaks, which I knew nothing.
Had I ever visited the Ecuadorian embassy in London? they asked.
No, I replied truthfully.
I was unfazed and very dubious about why they thought I knew anything. I couldn’t help but wonder: had they read a copy of my soon-to-be-released book? The timing of this interrogation along with the nearing publication date seems to me suggest yes: they had read it.
Then they served me with a subpoena, which I noticed had only been issued that very day in Boston to appear before the Mueller grand jury in Washington, DC that very Friday. They said I could telephone the lead attorney on that team and make necessary arrangements.
They shook my hand and had agents take me to my wife, who was very alarmed and in disbelief. They then escorted us to the adjoining terminal to catch our delayed domestic flight.
I called the Special Counsel’s office the next morning and they said it would be better to appear later, which we agreed would be April 13th and they would pay for my travel. I told them I had legal representation and asked that they establish contact.
The Deep State is sending a signal and has no doubt read this book. What could they want from me—a policy wonk and philosophical defender of Trump?
I am not an operative, have no Russia contacts, and—aside from appearing on air and in print often to defend and congratulate our President—have done nothing wrong. What message does this send?"

My question is, do you think the FBI detained Hillary and Comey before their books came out? I think not. Order your book today. Tell the Deep State you're voting for Trump in 2020.

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