Thursday, March 29, 2018


None of this makes any sense UNLESS YOU ARE TRYING TO FRAME SOMEONE.
I just need to vent. I hear so many talking heads on TV and radio reporting details of Nikolas Cruz's background as if they are true and verified. They are not. This is straight from CNN reporting. Buried deep in the articles and in linked documents:
Ben Bennight, A YouTube vlogger and a bail bondsman in Mississippi, who goes by the name Ben the Bondsman, said that he saw a comment from a user named Nikolas Cruz under a video last September. "The comment said ‘I’m going to be a professional school shooter” and I knew that I couldn’t just ignore that,” he said. Bennight said that he flagged the comment to YouTube and also sent a screenshot to the FBI, who visited him briefly in September 2016 and asked him whether he knew the poster. But after a probe into the post and online databases, investigators were “UNABLE to further identify the person who actually made the comment." The vlogger said that he was contacted again by agents from both the Missisippi and Miami field FBI offices after the shooting who told him that Nikolas Cruz, the school shooter, was the boy who posted that comment. Really? How do they know? They couldn't trace it back then. How did they trace it now?
CNN reports that the Broward County School records show that a STONEMAN DOUGLAS SCHOOL GUIDANCE COUNSELOR called Henderson Behavioral Health two days in a row -- on September 28 and 29, 2016 -- claiming that Cruz drank gasoline, had suicidal thoughts and said he had a gun and was thinking about using it. The BROWARD SCHOOL GUIDANCE COUNSELOR also expressed concern about Cruz buying a weapon. A clinician from Henderson Behavior Health who went to the school on September 28 to assess Cruz concluded that he was NOT thinking about killing himself and did NOT own a gun except for a pellet gun. Cruz also said he didn't have an ID. The clinician from Henderson determined that Cruz DID NOT meet criteria for further mental health assessment.
A different Henderson clinician visited Cruz and his adoptive mother, Lynda Cruz, at their home later on that same day ALSO at the request of THE SCHOOL. An investigator for the Florida Department of Children and Families was also at the Cruz's Parkland home on September 28, 2016 to check Cruz's health and well-being, as well as two Broward County Sheriff's deputies. DCF AND BROWARD WERE CALLED TO THE HOME AT THE REQUEST OF THE SCHOOL.
ALL FIVE PARTIES LEFT THE CRUZ HOME, after meeting with Linda Cruz and Nikolas Cruz, and reported that there were NO SIGNS of mental illness, no weapons or criminal activity, so they left. Cruz's mother told the Henderson clinician that Cruz owned a pellet gun. Cruz's mother stated Cruz had developmental disorder autism, diagnosed at age 3.
The Henderson clinician's report also said that the SCHOOL guidance counselor reported that Scott Peterson, the school resource officer, now said Cruz DID NOT meet the criteria for initiating a Baker Act commitment. There was no explanation for Peterson's new decision. So, the word of the SCHOOL GUIDANCE counselor is disproved by two professional therapists, DCF and two Broward County officers who say the boy was fine, there were no weapons and his mother said he has autism. The school resource officer, Scott Peterson, also declared him mentally fine. Scott Peterson was the armed officer who sat outside during the shooting. YET THE NEWS IS REPORTING HE IS A GUN TOTING HOMICIDAL MANIAC BASED ON DOCUMENTED REPORTS FROM THE SCHOOL? WHAT A JOKE.
Also, the BROWARD COUNTY SCHOOL guidance counselor tried to have Nikolas Cruz committed a month before the election for being a potential shooter. The comment on the blog was posted two months before the election. Did Broward County plan to shoot up the school in October 2016, to mess with the election, and they failed because they couldn't get someone to sign off on Nikolas Cruz being a nut case with a gun? Is that what really happened? So they pushed it back to 2018 after they built a better case and mom was out of the way?

For another 50 discrepancies in this case, and a list of media lies, read on:

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