Monday, March 19, 2018

President Trump's Goals To Help Reform Saudi Arabia

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrives today in Washington DC to meet with one of his heroes: President Donald Trump. Send this post to your clueless liberal friends who have no idea that President Trump is working with Saudi Arabia to give back SA's Muslim women and gays THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS.
The 32-year-old heir to the Saudi throne will meet with Trump at the White House and then is expected to travel the nation to meet with Wall Street, Silicon Valley, oil and energy executives. The plummeting price of oil, which fueled the Saudi economy for decades, has cut deeply into Saudi Arabia's national budget.
Trump made his first overseas trip as president to Saudi Arabia last year, where he and the Saudi king, the crown prince’s father, signed agreements to fight terrorism, to work together to counter evil Iran, and to plan billions of dollars in business deals. He is promoting a development plan he calls Saudi Vision 2030 and hopes to attract American investment in Saudi Arabia, an economy that doesn't have much industry but oil and foreign workers.
The prince’s Saudi Vision 2030 plan includes provisions to sell shares in the state oil monopoly, Saudi Aramco, and remake the kingdom into a hub of international business, finance and technology. The Trump administration wants to make sure, in a region with many failed states, that this state, the most important in the region, remains stable and prospers.
Mohammed is widely viewed as a reformer at home in an ultra-conservative society that practices a rigid form of Islam. He has led changes that will allow women to drive in the kingdom, that will reopen movie theaters and allow some foreign musicians to perform, and that have begun to permit more mixing between men and women at some public events. He also has reined in the unpopular religious police, who enforce regulations, including attendance at prayers and strict public dress codes.
The prince is politically shrewd. Last year, right after the Vegas shooting, and a visit from Jared Kusher, he ordered the detention of hundreds of wealthy businessmen, including members of the royal family. Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, a man who despises President Trump because Trump said he would no longer be able to control American media and politicians with "his daddy's money," was also arrested in the corruption crackdown. Many believe Alwaleed Bin Talal was connected to the Vegas massacre. Alwaleed Bin Talal was confined for weeks, along with many others, who were released only after they had agreed to turn over cash and shares in their companies. They confiscated $106 billion in assets from these rogue operatives.
Mohammed began working with Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, soon after the 2016 election, and the two orchestrated Trump’s visit to the kingdom last year. The State Department has no ambassador posted to Saudi Arabia, and other key Middle East posts are also empty.

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